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Bum Marketing or Article Marketing Unanswered Questions


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I've taken 2 courses online on this subject, and read the posts about this subject currently available on this forum using the search feature. Yet I still have some unanswered questions. I haven't started doing this yet because of these questions.

1. Niche Research: From what I gather it's all about what's hot. Following trends on sites like ebay pulse or the newspaper etc. Is this true?

2. Niches in General: I've read it on every site I've been at. Find something you're passionate about. Well, I'm a young man who probably hasn't lived long enough to find something I'm passionate about that doesn't have a ton of competition. So that leads me to the question: Is it better to do something that doesn't have much competition but you are not passionate about it or don't know much about it? Or do something that you are passionate about but has competition and just hope that your passion for it shows? Or are we talking something like a subniche? For example: Instead of doing something on movies in general perhaps a specific movie franchise or genre? But if the answer is we should promote something that is popular. How do you go about writing a decent article about it? Hate to answer my own question. But I heard from one of the courses I took to go to sites like ezine articles and various other sites about the topic. Gathering information and rewriting it in your own words is what it's telling me to do? Does seem a bit time consuming as well.

3. Niche Found: Okay, let's say I found my niche. And it's shoes how would I go about writing a 500 word article on shoes? Doesn't seem to have much writing options. Possibly reviews, but that requires buying a lot of shoes if I decided to review them. Right?

4. Sites And Blogs: Do I need them if I'm going to do this? I heard start out with a free blog which I'm probably going to do anyway. If I do this I will probably host it though the blog host and not my own domain or anything like that. Blogs and web sites also bring me back to my (Fake) niche of shoes. Should my blog or site be just about shoes or general apparel or anything wearable within my niche? Also I assume a name for both are important. So I have to pick something within my niche but something that doesn't isolate me to just one product line like shoes do, correct?

5. SEO (?): Ok, one of the tips I got was to search in google using quotes to find low competition key words then using those key words to make the title of your article. This has me the most confused. Do you want to get as little results as possible when searching with quotes? And what if you get no results or 1 or 2 results? Is there a certain range you should shoot for? Like between 100 and 5000 results? And when you search with quotes does your article need quotes and to be titled exactly like your search was? And do you need to put the title in the body of your article with quotes as well?

6. Articles and Blog posts: How many articles should you make and post a day if you have a full-24 hour of free time? Same with blogs. I assume blogs don't have to be updated every day. Ideally how often should those be updated assuming I need to start out with one. And should your blog entries be your articles? The exact same article? And what do I want to do exactly? Do I want to point them to my blog or the product I wrote about? Or both? Can I do both? Also should or do I need to put adsense or something on them? Don't you need a web site to get adsense? And how do you get adsense? I know little about it.

7. Grammar and spelling: I am working on my grammar and spelling isn't a problem. From what you've (the reader) seen of my post so far is it acceptable to do article marketing? Or should I work more on my grammar?

8. Software: Just a general question. Is there any software you'd recommend for a newbie like me?

9. Affiliate Networks: Which is a good network for a beginner? I joined clickbank a year ago but from what I read on this forum it just seems like a bad place to associate myself with. I did sort of notice myself with the get rich quick schemes, paid surveys, free game and movie downloads, and affiliate marketing guru stuff. Sure promoting it via article marketing I would probably remain anonymous but much of this stuff looks illegal.

10. Results: Finally at the end of my questions. I hope I covered everything I wanted to know. Just the last few questions. How fast if working hard can I expect to see results with article marketing? What is the maximum potential earnings doing just article marketing? Can it replace a 10$ an hour job?

Well, that covers about all my questions I hope.

Thanks for reading. Hope you can help!


1) No

2) You're over analysing. Just start writing.

3) See number 2

4) Yes or No - it's doesn't really matter with article marketing. Though if I set up a site it would be about a niche. Ie. ONLY Running Shoes (to follow your example)

5) Without going into too many caveats, under 1500 and you have a good shot of ranking for the term (generally).

6) 10 articles a day is a good start.
Blog? Depends

7) Just write, goddamn it.

8) No

9), would do for starters. also.

10) If you write 100 articles you will make a conversion, even if your articles suck. Then you have some information to refine your process instead of just the generalities you are asking about.

You're overanalysing this. In the time you took to post this you could have written your first article.

Log into an affiliate program, select a product with decent EPC and start writing.


Hi Darkling,

To help you find your passion and develop your niche. Here is one question for:

What do you in your spare time or on your weekends?

With the activities do you in your spare time you should enough information to write articles and develop a website. As you said in post if you like shoes and collect shoes you could write articles about what shoes to wear with your outfit or choosing the right trainer to exercise with?

Start by jotting points on a piece of paper and go from there. Then research that market to find out the major players and your potential competitors.

Just don't limit yourself and you should be fine. There are not right or wrong in for affiliate marketing, there is only trial and error.

Good luck!


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Thanks for all the answers. But how do I go about joining one of those recommended affiliate networks? I don't have a website and they all ask for one.


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So I was doing some research about how to get started. And It seems that some people started with blogspot I think. Can I get on with blogspot as well? I have had a blog before, but mostly for fun.

As I said in my earlier post. I've never had a website before, and I wouldn't know where to begin. Time, Content, Money, and Name are kind of a bit much for a newbie like me to get started with.


Some advice

If you are going to do this semi seriously you should probably buy your own domain name(url, website address). You go to one of many domain registrars and buy the name, they cost from about 7.99 to 10.99/year depending on where you buy them. And you are going to need some type of hosting package. For your needs you can get something for about 10/month. Don't skimp here , you need reliable hosting.

As far as I can see , your best option would be to use wordpress or another type of blog software or auto site. Wordpress is free and I am sure there are others available. To make immediate sales I would register at forums and reply to people's questions like I have here. You want to include your site address in your signature so people see it and potentially click on it.

Article marketing can have immediate returns if your article is good and you place it properly, but generally it takes a bit of time.

Ranking high in search engines requires links to your page from other people and because you will have a new site this is going to take some time. So for 20 bucks initially you can have a site , but the sales will be a direct function of how much time you put into it. And you would really need to put a great deal of work into your sites/s in a short amount of time to replicate the income you make at your job currently. I am new , but I don't think I am wrong here. The only way I can see you making an income comparable to your 10/hr quickly is with questionable marketing practices.

The article marketing is really the key here, and if you read some of the better articles here you will understand the general time frame that is required for it to pay off.

Hope this helped some.


1). Selling to a hot market certainly helps.

2). Being passionate certainly makes the job a lot easier. I started out promoting all kinds of affiliate products, and guess what I became passionate about? The tools I was using to market with. Now if you just ask me a simple questions about keyword research or article marketing, pull up a chair cuz it's gonna take a while.

3). If you're promoting a specific manufacturers line, you could write about them, the durability of their product. The latest designs and why they are rated so highly, etc...

4). You'll be further ahead by devoting a blog to each offering, especially if your using organic search results for your traffic. However, if your niche is confined to one manufacturer, you could possibly have "XYZ Shoes" as your blog title and your posts or modules about the actual style or product review.

5). You do want to use high volume / low competition keywords for your campaign. The quotes only represent the search terms in their exact order. For instance the results for "black leather running shoes" will show you pages with that exact term as typed. Without the quotes could yield results from a book like "Then Tom removed the black leather gloves from his hands and began running after the fetish who stole Jennys stinky shoes". Think of the words a potential buyer would use when looking for the product they just have to have. They don't type in quotes (mostly we do that for research) , but they will type in terms like Apple 80gb video ipod. You do not need your titles, etc in quotes. Just seed your content with 3/5% of your keyword or phrase so the search engines will see that you have relevant content.

6). Two to three articles a day will get the job done without the risk of burnout. Remember , this should be somewhat enjoyable. Update your blogs daily for the first few days and then you can taper off to weekly to maintain your position in the search engines. I'm on the fence regarding duplicate content. I see both sides of the debate, but I guess it depends on what results you want from the articles. I see little difference in submitting the same article to 5 or so article sites (depending on their tos) or tweaking that one article 5 times to make it unique. I've done searches and seen the same article listed on numerous sites and blogs. Confusing! One great article that goes viral is what I want. Then, try to do an encore.

9). Clickbank is what you make of it. There are thousands of products to choose from, so it's all about picking the ones you feel strongly about. There's also PayDotCom, Commission Junction, Copeac and Azoogle for CPA offers, and others. Plus there are plenty of independent programs for thousands of products you can promote.

10) You can definitely replace that job by doing things right. Try to picture the viral effect of say 10% of your articles. 3 articles a day = 1095 articles, and if 10% are requested or picked up by webmasters and each one of those sites receives just 100 unique visitors per day. Chew on that for a while and decide if you think it's got the potential to pay your way.

Hope this helps!