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Blue Man Group to Launch Affiliate Program

Linda Buquet

<a href=""><img src="" alt="blueman group" width="210" align="left" hspace="10" /></a> Blue Man Group Affiliate Program is coming...

I wondered what my friend Karen White was up to. Many of you remember Karen, who used to manage the <a href="">Wynn Las Vegas affiliate program</a> because she gave out GREAT affiliate PERKS, like free stays at the Wynn and free show tickets. Well, I just found out Karen has not let her experience promoting Las Vegas shows go to waste.

The <strong>Blue Man Group</strong>, one of the top shows on the Las Vegas Strip will be launching an affiliate program. <strong><a href="">Partner Fusion</a></strong>, the company Karen is now with, will be managing program which is scheduled to launch early '08.

"This will be the third Las Vegas show that I've marketed through the affiliate marketing channel, and it's the first time that affiliates will have the opportunity to work directly with the show's production company versus a third-party, <strong>said Karen White, VP of Business Development & Marketing, <a href="">Partner Fusion, Inc.</a></strong>

See <a href="">Press Release</a> for more info.


I saw their show in Chicago once when I went to see my girl friend at her university. Its absolutely amazing. Too bad that she's gone to India for good after completing her education, but affiliate marketing has almost given me the power to move back and stay back and work where ever in the world which was why I started it in the first place.

Anyways, great to know that Blueman's group is launching an affiliate program. I hope it does well.