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King Conga

First of all, my disclaimer to Linda: I looked at all the other forums to see if there was a more applicable one to put this on, so my apologies if I erred here.

I'm back...I hope. The only reason I left was as good and charitable as the comrades here are, I just needed more immediate support, which I know doesn't come free or cheap. So, short of producing a child I could sell (just kidding), I was looking for any way to afford the $300 to get an account at SBI! since I heard so many good things about it from folks around here. Having said that, I can't seem to get over or around this $10/hr. ceiling, as talented as I am (I think, and I've been told). So, I'm looking to find any legit fed grant (because my credit SUCKS!) that I can get maybe just $500-1000 my head just above water so I can do what I do best and think creatively from a musician's perspective.

This may not be the right approach, and I'm certainly open to alternatives, it just seemed pretty plausible to me.

Linda Buquet

Interesting concept... but...
Not sure I understand how your title and content match up?

Are you thinking of trying to get a grant for a blog? (thats what title implies)

Or a grant to buy SBI?

Or a general grant for your business so you can afford to buy SBi and
build up your blog? (I think this is it?)

I ask because if your title is correct and you want a grant for a blog, this should go down in the blogging forum.

But if you want a GENERAL grant to build your biz and your biz model is mainly affiliate marketing, then the topic should stay here -
BUT I'd want to re-title to say "Grant for my Affiliate Business".

I'm not being picky about semantics, but the right title matched to what you really MEAN you want to do, could help you get more targeted answers.


Grants are a pain... Tried looking on the internet, and that wasn't very helpful. In fact they all appear to want you to pay in some way to receive grant. I talked to financial counselor at my school, and she wasn't very helpful either.
Either way I don't recommend doing it online; too unreliable.