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Blank blogs rank top at google??


Hi All,

Can someone please explain me this phenomena?
I have looked at both Yahoo and Google today and found that on the top 10 searches there are blank blog ranked at search result # 5 and Google page rank is 0.
For an example you can find the below link:

When you look for 'roulette' on Google this site is ranked #5.

I have few blogs, I write everyday making sure I following all the right SEO rules by the book...and than I see these guys?

I know it smells like spam but is it really?


Hi Yula,
It's basically a splog. has a huge pagerank and if you have a blog on that domain, it's like having a chunk of that website's history and duration online.

What the splogger does, after signing up for the new blog, is comment spam others. The messages show up, with a live link, on the unprotected blogs and that helps to build the backlinks to that one splog. This will only work for the short term, though, and the splog will be dropped from the search engines.

In other words, sploggers are trying to turn into the new in terms of building spam sites for a quick buck.

~ Teli

P.S. users can report blatant splogs (like the one mentioned above) and the team will take it down fairly quickly.