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Black Hat Cloaker v2 launched

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by IMCloaker, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. IMCloaker

    IMCloaker Guest

    With Black Hat Cloaker you can create thousand WP blogs under 1 hour
    With Black Hat Cloaker you can create thousand of PHP/HTML domain
    Our IP delivery service is far better than Bseolized Fantomas Ip list
    Advanced Auto Generated Content (support all languages)
    Source:Google, Yahoo, Bing, Rss & you can add your custom source (php knowledge required)
    Allow Custom Content + Spin Syntax {spin1|spin2}
    Advanced Markov Options
    Advanced Statistics
    Drip Feeds Keywords (Pages/Posts)
    Allow Wp Plugins
    Allow any WP Template
    Advanced Landing Page Builder

    Support Forum (Our famous forum)

    GEO IP detection,Host Names Detection, User-agent Detection, Special Dynamic Parameters Detection, Bad Bots Detection
    this is an advanced cloaking tool far better than fantomas shit script..


    If you like to have more information, Live Demo
    Just PM me with your forum member URL

    10 Spot available

    More info Skype:blackhatcloaker
  2. Voluum