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Biggest Affiliate Check Ever?

Linda Buquet

So what is considered REALLY big money in our industry? $500,000 a year? $400,000 a month? $1.3 million a month? Who makes this kind of money? How did they do it? What types of affiliate programs are cutting checks this big? A thread over at Associate Programs has all the answers.

<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">Highest Paid Affiliates</a> </strong> "At first I thought you said 1.3 mill a year and I thought, so what - that's not a huge turnover, then I re-read - 1.3 million a month. That's a huge amount from one program. I don't suppose he's going to reply to this post and tell us all how he/she did it?"</blockquote>
What do you think? Anyone here close to being an Affiliate Millionaire?
I know a few of our lurkers and posters that are! :p