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Big News From Ksix

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by ksixdan, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. ksixdan

    ksixdan Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Ksix Affiliate Network has an Announcement!

    A long time ago in a virtual galaxy far, far away......Our Link Locker has been built and our Content Locker updated to help maximize revenue and offer different ways to promote our offers. We are excited to announce these new features to you and welcome any feedback or suggestions to make our network one of your favorites to work with.

    What's New?

    KSIX Content Gateway | Light Version

    - Link locker
    - Page locker
    - Ability to Lock Multiple Links
    - Simple Styling & Gateway Selection
    Content Gateway - WP Version

    KSIX Content Gateway | Wordpress Version

    - Link locker
    - Page Locker
    - Ability to Lock Multiple Links
    - WP Shortcode Locker System
    - Automatic Link Obfuscation
    - Custom Link Generator:
    + Button Selector
    + Custom Link Anchors
    + Picture Links And Custom Image Sizes

    If you'd like to sign up for an account at Ksix, go to www.network.ksix.com/signup, once you sign-up contact me on skype at: danksix, and I will get the account approved immediately.

    We hope you enjoy the new additions! Now you can get that new Light Saber you always wanted! Use the force, Affiliate Fix!


    Daniel Wolff
    Senior Account Manager
    Ksix Affiliate Network
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  2. newbidder
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Hey Dan, hope you're good mate!

    So Dan, what's the difference between this and what BLVD offer?
  4. ksixdan

    ksixdan Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    K, all is good over here! Now the difference between Ksix and BLVD is the updates with the Link Locker and all the other updates that Ksix has. This content locker is very different all together than BLVD's. If you log-in to BLVD, you will see that each offer is shown in the content locker as the landing page. The content locker at Ksix, is more like your regular everyday content locker with just the offer name that the user can click on.
  5. Klayne

    Klayne Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Dan ,
    Looks awesome, if I will need a content locker, may give this a try, as I mostly use Wordpress.
    Also good luck.
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  6. ksixdan

    ksixdan Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    @Klayne, sounds great my man! I'd love to get you on board. Contact me on skype: danksix and let's get you rolling!
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  7. KSixJeremy

    KSixJeremy Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Dan is the man! Good to see you getting active here!!!

    :ninja: !!!
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  8. krogertek

    krogertek The Dojo Member Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Ksix is one of the best networks I work with!... i'm verry happy with the conversions I get with them!
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