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Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by eh2zed, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. eh2zed

    eh2zed New Member

    Hey guys

    What are your comments and opinions of bidvertiser? As an advertiser and as a publisher.

  2. Voluum
  3. Larwee

    Larwee <b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator< affiliate

    eh2zed, I've posted about BidVertiser a few times here at 5 Star.

    I am a BidVertiser publisher and I've been with them since they started. There are some good things I could say about them as well as some that aren't as good.

    Keep in mind that what you experience might not be the same as what another person did. Often you need to try something for yourself to see how it works for you.

    I'm also with AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network. In my experience, BidVertiser can't come close to comparing with either of those, with AdSense from Google being the big winner.

    BidVertiser isn't contextual advertising so it isn't target like those other two are. But Yahoo has been having some serious problems with their targeting.

    Since the BidVertiser isn't really target very well at all, the results just don't compare to AdSense, in the experience I've had. I have also been with AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network since each of them started.

    There are some people who are very pleased with the results they get with BidVertiser. There are some who even have better results with BidVertiser than AdSense, but that is rather unusual.

    BidVertiser is also a place that some people go to after they have had their AdSense accounts suspended.

    I have found BidVertiser to be honest. I have been pleased with their customer support and they try to be helpful. But if at all possible, I would suggest you try AdSense before BidVertiser if you haven't already tried AdSense.
  4. RiverRock

    RiverRock New Member

    Ok, so adsense is definitely better, but is bidvertiser than google? Google is like rolex these days. It is good but a lot of time not worth the cost unless you just have money to throw away.
  5. diegoid

    diegoid Guest

    As an Advertiser

    Horrible PPC Program. Complete Fake. I?ve spend over $50 with no results. They give you traffic, but it?s fake traffic. I`ve checked it this way:

    A) Made a PPC campaign with them pointing at....


    B) LandingPage.htm had a link for downloading a free
    book. I?ve added a click tracking to that download
    link. Guess what:

    Over 200 clicks arrived to the landingpage
    And 0 Click to the free ebook download link!!!!!!

    If you want, you can try the same.
    Send the traffic to a landing page, and add an action
    link (download free book, etc). Track the number of
    clicks. You?ll get surprised.
  6. Lovely66

    Lovely66 Affiliate affiliate

    I have been a member with google adsence and I hardly get clicks. I guess I need to get traffic to my blog, then the clicks will come. I have BidVertiser buttons on my blog and I guess In time things will pick up ;)

    Good Luck to everyone