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Best Way to get started on your website


If your a Newbie it can be stressful trying to take it all in! (I am speaking from experience!)

I Started from the very bottom...and had no clue how to start a website, one day I jumped on Front Page and self taught myself how to build a website. I made lot's of mistakes, became frustrated, and thought It would never turn out the way I wanted. Then one sweet day, all the pieces came together. I was so amazed with my work.. It was a great feeling of success!:)

If you are in the same position I was in and need some tips you may want to check out this quick video by Joel Comm "What is the Best Way to Get Started with a Website?"

He also has a blog:

hope this can help!:rolleyes:

Linda Buquet

It's a beautiful thing when that light bulb in your head finally turns on! :)

Thanks NicheGooRoo for sharing your newbie experience.
It always helps for newbies to know they aren't alone
and everyone felt the same way at 1st.
Thanks for sharing Joel's video too!