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Best way to deal with content thieves?

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by flapmugger, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. flapmugger

    flapmugger Affiliate affiliate

    Few things in life feel as good as seeing that great post you wrote get a lot of shares, or rank well on Google. It doesn't feel as good however when you see it on someone else's site.
    To remove it, you need to email domain hosts, advertisers, site admins, etc. That takes time better used doing something else. Reclaiming content as your own is gruesome, unrewarding work.
    So my question is, how do you do it? Do you know of any ways of making the process easier?
  2. PayPer Trail
  3. Smithee

    Smithee Affiliate affiliate

    Unfortunately as at now there is no way to make the process of getting stolen content removed from a site easier. You have to contact the thief and ask them to remove the content or if they won't you'll have to contact their webhost.

    Or you use the URL below to report copyright infringement.

    Report alleged copyright infringement: Web Search

    Before Google killed Google Authorship it was probably the easiest way to ensure your site never was outranked by sites which posted content stolen from you.
  4. Vinaya.Ghimire

    Vinaya.Ghimire Affiliate affiliate

    I first ask the thief to take it down, if he does not I write to the site. If my content is still there, I file a DMCA and send a notice to the web host of that site.
  5. pennylove

    pennylove Affiliate affiliate

    Unfortunately, the only way to deal with content thieves is to report them. That, or emailing them and asking them to take down the duplicated content. If they won't do so, that's when you contact the site admins or the authorities to take down the site and ban the thief.

    I wish there was an easier way but no, we are the ones being punished by these thieves. We have to go through a lot of process, just for them to take down the content that was rightfully ours to begin with. But it's the only way to make them realise that content duplication is stealing and that we won't allow them to do that anymore.
  6. techpro

    techpro Affiliate affiliate

    Go for "DMCA content protection"- Anything that you created, that is being used without your permission, they can probably remove it. No matter where the site is hosted in the world - if someone is infringing upon your content, they can get it taken down fast. I am using DMCA protection for my company website as well.
  7. mdvelops

    mdvelops Affiliate affiliate

    Wonder how long that DMCA thing takes.

    I would think it's very hard to prevent, though, since anybody can just go and copy what you said and paste it elsewhere. I actually see it a lot when I Google something recent...the same few paragraphs will pop up on different sites and it's like okay....I get it. I can see why it's frustrating...
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  8. plutarkosy

    plutarkosy Affiliate affiliate

    I was reading the other day how stealing content has become so endemic that it is actually automated now. These people have bots crawling forums and reddit posts, identifying the ones that get a lot of traction and engagement, scraping the content and uploading it directly to twitter or other websites where they can monetize that content, the whole thing is insane, so my answer to you is: don't bother, this is a battle that you can't win and you are going to waste precious time chasing these people, time that you could be using for creating new content.

    Focus on that, create, and people will stick with you.
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  9. pwarbi

    pwarbi Affiliate affiliate

    Sadly this is becoming more and more of a problem, the more people are trying to earn money online. There's a lot of sites out there now, that are covering every topic you can think of, and finding original content can be hard.

    That's no excuse to blatantly copy content from one site and put it on another while at the same time pretending you wrote it yourself. Unfortunately the only way to deal with the thief is to report them but that takes time, and isn't always successful
  10. archlinux

    archlinux Affiliate affiliate


    DMCA content protection , where is the url ?