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Tanay Kumar Das

A search engine optimization involves thousands of actions that are required to be planned and executed in a proper manner. In most cases, it has been found that people give up their idea of investing in SEO services. But the reality is quite different from your imagination. You can improve the ranking of your website by implementing the best SEO practices for your newly launched website. The reason being well-planned SEO practices will not harm the budget of your website no matter how small the website is. Now if your SEO is done in a proper manner then it can easily increase the visibility of your website.

So let's explore the facts of SEO services which can help your business website to rank higher on search results.

· Devising the content in a proper manner:-

In digital marketing, experts often opines that content is the king. Without appropriate and proper content you cannot rank your website higher on search engines. So, planning the content in the right manner is very important. The reason being the more attractive the content the better will be your rank in Google Search results. This will persuade your consumers to visit your website time and again.

· Keyword Research:-

Since your brand is a new entrant in your business category. So, you need to make a proper keyword research as per the requirement of your clients or customers for providing them better SEO services. For example, if you are a web development company then you need to observe the trends that how a layman or your consumers are searching on Google. Then you will get a clear idea that which keywords you must focus to drive maximum traffic for your business. These things must be considered while seeking the services of digital marketing.

· Title Creation:-

The title creation is the most crucial factor in providing effective SEO services. Catchy and interesting titles grab the attention of your target audience very easily. Just you need to understand that using which keywords and titles people are searching on various search engines. This will help you to understand that how you should prepare your title to grab the maximum attention of your focus group. On the comment section of various apps and post, you can get the clear idea that what people are searching for. Hence this can be used effectively in your future post or article in creating an effective title.

Hence, from the above information you can get the clear idea that which three primary things you must consider for getting more traffic of your newly launched website. But the matter of fact here is that more things you need to do apart from these three ways mentioned above. For further knowledge of these techniques you need to wait for our next article on this topic. Till then just keep a watch on our latest blog posts and articles to sharpen up your digital marketing skills for your business growth. Therefore, now even your small website also can bring more profit for your business.


I agree with you. I would just add, from our own experience, a couple of things that should be considered.
• Make your website responsive, so it will look good on all devices. Most of the traffic now is coming from smartphones.
• Integrate social media. You should share your content on all social media channels. It is understood that the content has to be good-quality and appealing.
• Create an FAQ page. This is a great opportunity to boost your organic traffic. Answer questions and give advice. The users will appreciate that.
The most important thing about SEO for small businesses is consistency. Do not expect results overnight, and be prepared for a lot of strategy fine-tuning in order to maximize your results.


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Small local website should aim for small long tail keywords. If you are not have enough time to fight to big kw, it's better to be a king of the small kw.


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  • Buy PPC in Google or Bing with your local product and brand -- stop kidding yourself if you want fast results and new customer acquisitions.
  • Buy geo-fenced, in app advertising to reach people that are local to your location 100 m to 2 km away.


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Sounds like a lot of work -- good luck to the winners :p
  1. How about develop a website that is worthwhile --FIRST
  2. Establish a traffic buying budget to create PR and website awareness.
  3. Once the website starts 'happening' put Google-Analytics on it.
  4. Google will index the website, and if it is any good, start sending some search referrals.

Once you have real content that is interesting to real people you can tweak the site a bit; code validation; UX; Navigation; check for orphaned pages that have good content and make sure that you link them ...

Do not over-optimize, play keyword games -- destroy the good work that you have done with SEO fluff >>> search engines can smell that stink a mile away easily now. This is not 2004 pfff


Top 7 SEO Tips which help to boost small startups:
  1. Need to Understand Your Audience.
  2. Look At Your keywords and Competition.
  3. Create A Business Blog and update regularly.
  4. Link To Your Website In Your Posts.
  5. Local User Reviews are also very helpful.
  6. Optimize Page Loading Speed
  7. Use PPC Advertisement

Nilesh Jha

I will write some simple SEO tips which anyone could work on:

1. Creating your website or webpage and social media presence.
2. Keyword research and optimizing your on page with the low difficulty and good traffic keywords.
3. On page optimization shouldn't just be keyword stuffing as the keyword should be placed in limited numbers.
4. Off-page optimization should be worked on properly avoiding the spammy websites. Guest post with the major focus should be followed by social bookmarks, commenting, forums and directories,
4. Also, for starters it might take time to rank your website through generic SEO while you can work on PPC and try to earn quick traffic.

Michael Johnson

Hi Tinay,

1. Be good with Onpage SEO.
2. Get good quality backlinks.

You will definitely see your business/webpage ranking higher and good traffic.

Hope this helps!!!


Set up Google Analytics
Think about UX
Optimize your Google My Business profile
Write a unique title for every page
Don't expect results too quickly
Use a little PPC


Search engines are a key way in which we all now look for products and services majority of cases, search is a great way to get in front of potential customers the right marketing approach for every business

Here is so much that you can do as a small business to help improve your own website

Register with Google Search Console.
Register with Bing Webmaster Tools.
Claim or create a Google My Business listing.
Conduct keyword research.
Organize keywords by page.
Target long-tail keywords.
Test your keywords with PPC.
Optimize your page titles.
Optimize your meta descriptions.