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Ask Me Anything Best Place & Way To Earn Money Online - Getting Started!

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Eric hunter, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Eric hunter

    Eric hunter Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hello Guys
    I am writing this post after I run into a question in the forum, regarding what will be the best website to earn money, or the best platform, to be exact.

    The platforms Amazon or eBay are great, maybe even the best since they have it all, especially Amazon.
    I will advise you to go for it with them only if you have a website/blog/ebook that you can offer people or suggest them to buy products.

    For example, if you are a chef and you have a cool website or social accounts with pictures, so you can offer them to use the tools/products you use to cook your food. and so on.

    If you don't, you can create one.
    That is a thing for the long term, you would need to take care of it very closely, and you can do few things at the same time and that is one of them.
    So you don't have to be very specific, you can start with one simple thing and at the same time to start creating your own thing.

    If you want to start and to make good money as well, I will suggest starting with a single offer, one thing that you can focus on, learn, improve your self, and to get more money to grow.
    In that case, you have 2 options to do so:

    1) You can choose an affiliate network.
    There is so many, so it's really can be confusing.
    That will really depend on your past experience, the niches that you are interested in and more.
    There is a lot of Networks that will accept you as a beginner or more experienced affiliate: You just need to speak with them logically and to show them you are serious.
    In the end, they are humans and they want to earn as well.
    So if there is an offer that you know a network has offered, so go for it, apply, write an email even, just do what it takes to get accepted.
    If you are not approved, no worries, there are many other Networks that you can work with.
    You can choose :
    ClickBank etc'.

    2) You can choose a direct offer, like an online store that runs an affiliate program, or a services website.
    Few examples:
    Hosting (HostGator), Landing page (ClickFunnel/Instapage), Email services, and more
    A lot of companies discover the power of affiliate marketing, that's why you can also find direct offers of any niche.

    After choosing an offer, you can start setting up your campaign.
    - First Think if you want to Build a Landing Page, or if you going to run it on Social Media, or any Other way.
    - If you do build a Lander, you can buy a domain. (I prefer to buy my domains with GoDaddy).
    - Now after you have a domain, and you know what niche you want and you choose an offer, you can start building you LP.
    You can do it by your self with WordPress, buying a template on ThemeForest and design it as you want.
    You can also do it with platforms such as ClickFunnel / adplexity / Instapage etc'.
    If you do not build a Landing Page, you can create a website of your own or you can create a Facebook page or Instagram account, you also use Google Adwords and Bing, there is a lot of other options.

    Bottom line, you do have a lot of why to make money, and a lot of sites too.
    It all depends.

    If you want an offer to try to promote and the had the chance to earn a lot of money, you can check our affiliate program.
    We are International Canadian Immigration Company, we offer our clients the Smartest Immigration System on the Internat.
    Basically, we have full cover services for immigration to Canada.

    We work CPA which means that you get Very High Commission per each Sale you will be made.
    Self Deposit on the website-The client start the process by himself- pay on the website - 25-30% commission
    The sale has been made by our immigration experts -15% commission for the first deposit.

    There are a lot more benefits, feel free to ask me anything, anyway hope my comment helped you a little bit.

    Check the offer here

    The most important thing is:
    You just Have to DO, start and just go for it.
    Invest the time to sit down and just start to do.

    Hope it helps, please feel free to ask me anything!
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  3. Eric hunter

    Eric hunter Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hey guys, just wanted to bring this post up again, hopefully, more people will see it at this time of the day.