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Review Best landing pages formulas (by MGID)

Discussion in 'Native Ads' started by Daniella MGID, May 14, 2019.

  1. Daniella MGID

    Daniella MGID Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hey, guys upload_2019-5-14_11-11-26.gif :affiliatefix: Let's consider best selling texts formulas for landing pages!


    We are sure each of you is interested in a well-selling landing page. However, it’s wrong to believe they are created by the wave of a magic wand. You definitely need to use a more rigorous approach. So let's consider 5 best-selling text formulas tested by MGID that will help you to create effective landing pages!

    This is the most popular scheme which aims to trigger emotions.
    Аttention → Interest → Desire → Аction

    Attention can be achieved through intrigue, provocation or paradox in a headline, subtitle, or a promising first paragraph. There is an opinion that the modern public is oversaturated with the emotional presentation, therefore, it is often better to be calmer, but more informative.

    Interest. Your aim is to warm up the audience by explaining what the problem is or to make the user believe they have an unsatisfied need. I suggest highlighting up to 3 powerful arguments that will convince the audience. Of course, you can do more but it is better not to overload the users and be consistent.

    Desire. Here you say that your product or service can solve a particular problem or satisfy certain needs. This technique gets you closer to the reader and makes it seem like you understand their problems (this can be started in the previous paragraph). Here you need to create a desire to buy.

    Action. This is actually a call-to-action like “Buy now”, “Register”, “Get trial”, “Don’t miss out!” etc. You need to clarify what the user has to do.

    Some add a motivational factor between Desire and Action. Motivation can be a limited offer or discount.

    This formula is used when a person takes time to purchase, usually automobiles, expensive household appliances, tourist or business services. The algorithm of this formula is no longer based on an emotional, but on a rational component and works when the decision is made carefully.

    Аttention → Сomprehension → Сonviction → Аction

    Attention. If you want someone to start reading your text, you should get their attention. The most commonly used elements are a catchy title, first paragraph, and good graphic design.

    Comprehension. Here you start listing a few of the most powerful rational arguments. You will lose some part of the audience, but it will leave you with leads interested in your product.

    Conviction. At this stage, you prepare users for the next stage by adding even more powerful and correct arguments in favor of choosing our proposal. Your goal is to convince the reader of the correct choice.

    Action. There is no need to put too much pressure on the reader. The beauty of the ACCA model is that the person is already internally ready for action, and therefore only a slight push is enough.
    Offer → Deadline → Call to Action

    Offer. You know the user’s interests and their profile so you can make an offer that will “hook” them.
    Deadline. Time limit on product volume, the number of hours until the end of the discount, sales, copies, etc.
    Call-to-Action. As usual, you clarify what the user has to do.

    4P formula
    The 4P formula is considered one of the simplest and most effective emotional formulas, great for social networks.

    First, you need to attract attention with the help of bright and attractive pictures and text. For example, you show a photo of a guy with several girls on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Then, you must show that the promise is feasible with the help of your product or service. For instance, the user needs to invest in real estate or take part in a lottery in order to start a luxurious life or vacation. Then you provide with proof, namely the arguments that will convince him that the desire can really be accomplished with your product. Social proofs work very well, such as “every second person dreams.” Well, in the end, you use a push - a call to action.

    Pain → More Pain → Hope → Solution

    First, you talk about the problem or pain. Then, you aggravate the pain and provide the user with the hope that there are means to solve the problem. Finally, you present your product or service as a solution. Take a look at the example below.

    “Did you get a few extra pounds? But summer is coming very soon! If you want to become as slim as your girlfriend try the new weight loss tea with pineapple!”

    Finally, we suggest testing a few different copies and images. By doing so, you will be able to see which one performs best for your audience and so to invest more in it. You should not forget that the landing page must be simple, eye-catching, and not overloaded with information. Make people interested in your product using effective selling text and quality images!

    Share with us your experience in the comments below!

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    MGID team :affiliatefix:
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