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Best Blog Site?


New Member
I have looked at a few blog sites and I am interested to know which site would have the most prominance with the search engines....or doesn't it matter? I would want to add affiliate links after a time.

I am thinking of starting a blog with, although maybe a lens with squidoo instead. Any thoughts?

Is it practical to have a lens and a blog on the same subject?

I know I shouldn't ask too many questions at once but I'm just so exited!!!


Linda Buquet

I've heard affiliates report good things about both. When you are new I think it's probably better to focus all your energy on one thing instead of splitting up your energy, learning 2 interfaces and trying to keep both going. But I don't know which one would work out best for you.


Hey John,
Your excitement is refreshing. :)

I'd always recommend that, if you plan to do this for the long haul (i.e. treat your affiliate business as a business), then you should build equity in your own website.

That said, while you build your own blog on your own domain, you can use those extra services (Blogger, Squidoo, MySpace, et al) as satellite sites that drive traffic and attention to your main website.

It's not to say that you shouldn't monetize your satellite websites whenever possible, it's just important to realize that while some people have had their blogs/pages without complaint for many years, others have those theirs in the blink of an eye.

Is it practical to build a blog and a lense on the same topic? Yes and no. It depends on how thin you'll spread yourself and whether you can find enough to discuss for both the lense and the blog.

What you can do is build your blog as the main focus and use the lense as a supplemental resource driving people to your blog where you can convert them into customers or subscribers.

Hope that helps,
~ Teli