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Become a Ticketmaster Affiliate and make money


Ticketmaster is well known as one of the largest events and concerts booking websites in the world and they offer tickets for a number of occasions. However, did you know that you can actually make money from the website as they now have an affiliate program that is joinable by almost anyone? The Ticketmaster affiliate program will give you the opportunity to make a little bit of extra money online without having to do much at all so it is well worth a look. The affiliate scheme is easy and quick to sign up to form Ticketmaster and can be done asily on their website. Once you are signed up, you will need to find a way of marketing their website so that you can make some money. This is easy if you have a relevant website as you will be able to place the link to their website with your affiliate ID on your site, along with an image that gives credit to Ticketmaster of course. However, if you don?t have a website there are a couple of options. One of the options is to set up a website; website design is very cheap these days and you can get one developed rather quickly. Another option is to use social media websites to advertise your link. Because you will have an affiliate link to the Ticketmaster website, you will be able to post it anywhere you like including on Facebook and Twitter as well as other social networking website. You will also be able to link it via email and on forums and blogs. The Ticketmaster affiliate scheme is a little less generous with their commissions than most other affiliate schemes however as they will only give you 25 pence for each sale you generate. This is very low compared to other affiliate schemes out there but if you have a relevant area to post the link or the Ticketmaster widget then you can still stand to make a good amount of money on high volume sales.