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Linda Buquet

Do you find yourself running around continously building more sites, even though 1/2 the sites you already own are not getting traffic and have old outdated links? If so, then I think you will be able to relate to and get some benefit from the SuperAff blog. Affiliates can learn and grow more from each other, than they can from reading ebooks from some of the self proclaimed gurus. The <a target="_new" href="">Super Aff blog</a> is worth syndicating and shares the day-to-day trials and tribulations of learning to be a super affiliates. I figure anyone that is working on a holiday (like I am) and is reading my blog, either needs a good swift kick in the pants or a little motivation. ;-) Happy Memorial Day!
<blockquote><strong><a target="_new"href="">
Staying The Course When You?re Not Inspired</a></strong> "But there?s more to affiliate marketing and earning online than always building and creating new things. That isn?t what?s going to pay the bills. What I?m finally starting to realize is that there is a real commitment and dedication involved if I?m serious about making money online.

I thought I was committed. But it can?t just be for things that I?m happy, content and motivated to do, there also has to be commitment for the tedious maintenance things that I must do to keep my sites as fresh and as highly monetized and as highly trafficked as possible."</blockquote>