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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by K, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Now i know abit about SEO but im the first to admit im no guru,

    i have heard of people just blasting backlinks out for keywords and ranking high quickly

    but im sure that getting 100's of backlinks can also do you damage

    what is the proper way to go about ranking high?
  2. CPA Evolution 2.0
  3. Samrath Gupta

    Samrath Gupta Affiliate affiliate

    OMG !! This is what I also want to know LOL... But I think Backlinks works better !

    Dont make 500 backlinks a day LOL make like 20-30 backlinks a day and you will be fine with google !

  4. Richard Harman

    Richard Harman Affiliate affiliate

    Most important factor to improve rankings is by writing for human and providing informative, 100% unique and relevant content to your audience. If you achieve this, then rankings will automatically improve with some additional efforts on building backlinks through activities such as directory submissions, participation on forums, blog commenting, guest posting etc.
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    I think the key is to write keyword rich content and then back link to it with your keywords.
  6. nitroux

    nitroux Affiliate affiliate

    What works for me:

    - Register accounts on video sites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.). Post videos and backlink to your site.

    - Register accounts on high PR websites (blog comments too) and backlink.

    - Write articles (works really well). Getting like + 200 clicks per article! Write 5 articles a day (1 hour work) and you get at least 600 clicks.
  7. sagarmandape

    sagarmandape Affiliate affiliate

    Getting thousands of spammy links may harm your site. Google put more value on quality relevant backlinks. Some of the ways to get such backlinks are..
    1) Participate in relevant forums
    2) Q&A sites
    3) Guest posting
    4) Use social networking sites to buzz others and promote your site.
    5) Blogging can bring you many natural links as well.
    6) Make some tutorials and publish on your website. This can attract natural links
    7) Make some videos and promote it over Youtube.
  8. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    ^ nice list man.
  9. Parry

    Parry Affiliate affiliate

    Outsource it!

    On a more serious note all the above and to go about it...

    Write an article and post it to article directories
    then make a pdf of the article and upload it to pdf directories and then..
    Make a ppt file and upload again to sites that take presentations
    Then read your article out and make a podcast and upload as a podcast
    Give your audio to iTunes
    Use the same audio and make a video which you post on Youtube, Metacafe and a dozen more video sites
    Go back to forums and blogs and comment and give out any one of the above links

    So you see - same article but multiple use!
  10. Thanan

    Thanan Affiliate affiliate

    Go to relate blog and comments for get backlink.
    Or submit in submit directory site and write articles for 300-400 words are the best.
  11. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    When you do blog comments, i guess you put your anchor text as your username right?
  12. F4EE.com

    F4EE.com Affiliate affiliate

    Here's a high PR & Panda trust list of backlinks for commenting that I found, I haven't had a chance to go though them yet but it looks very good.
  13. Top Broski

    Top Broski Banned

    If you plan on blasting a ton of links to your site I would recommend not pinging or attempting to index those links. I'd let Google find them naturally. Google picking up 5-10 links a day is much better than 1,000 one day and none the rest of the month LOL. Kind of suspicious!
  14. Sharier

    Sharier Affiliate affiliate

    To get high rank you need a lots of quality back link for your site. For building back link you can do following job?

    Article submission
    Directory submission
    Social bookmarking
    Forum posting
    Comment on blog
  15. ghanistha

    ghanistha Banned

    Link building is a way to get traffic. It includes forum posting, social bookmarking, blog comments, directory and article submission.
  16. AndyPandy

    AndyPandy Affiliate affiliate

    I always just outsource it. Saves you having to do mind-numbing work + that someone who actually knows what they're doing and who has built up a solid service will most likely do a way better job than you can. That being said, there are LOADS of crappy services out there, so you have to be careful.
  17. CPAND

    CPAND Affiliate affiliate

    I'm still in the early stages of learning SEO and while I know the difference between DoFollow and NoFollow links, there seems to be no winning argument for whether NoFollow links are a waste of time.
  18. Jumperxs

    Jumperxs Affiliate affiliate

    When I started building blogs, I would build backlinks directly to them and every one of them wound up in the Google sandbox. I couldn't get anything to rank! It took forever to figure out what I was doing wrong.

    I discovered that if I would go to article directories, web 2.0 sites, video sites or wherever else I could create content and then write an article with a link back to one of my inner pages using a different keyword each time, that would help that page to rank. I did the same with videos and web 2.0 properties.

    Then I set up the second tier linking, using something like SocialADR to create backlinks to my backlinks. I found that as long as I created backlinks to my articles or videos on these other sites, it wouldn't hurt my site at all. Actually, it made my inner pages rank very high. It didn't take long for the traffic to flow!

    I never send backlinks directly to my pages. It has to do with Google trust. A new site has no love or trust from Google. Thats why they always sent my sites to the sandbox. When I used indirect linking, I used only the sites that had developed a great amount of trust with google and the linking didn't hurt them.

  19. Sharier

    Sharier Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, backlink is important for getting high page rank but the important thing is that backlink made by you should be quality full. If you make a lots of backlink within few minutes then it doesn't give you better result. So, to get high page rank you have to make quality full back link. That's why you should take time to create back link. If any mistake happen, please forgive me guys.
  20. lokiys

    lokiys Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    I totally agree with you. This is the best way. Of course if you make some high PR links then you can ping them and submit to RSS but all low quality links allow to find google it self... Also there definitely need both type links - low quality and high quality because if you have only good links then you are in category ''link buyer'' or if you have only low quality links then you are in category ''spammer'' If you have both link categories then you are in category ''Internet marketer'' Google likes Internet marketer category :D Basically you stay in the midle and this is good.
  21. Athena.Tennousu

    Athena.Tennousu Affiliate affiliate

    i have some experience in adsense and seoing i think that getting good high PR or .EDU backlinks would help a lot. In addition, article and web directories are fantastic when trying to rank your keyword...but becareful not to overdo the backlinking part it as your site will get flagged by google (you'll be sandboxed)...once sandbox it's very hard to get out of it...their algorithm is smart enough to know that humans cannot possibly make 10000k backlinks per day without the help of software or bots...hope this helps...