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Backlinks from forum signatures bad for PR?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by carlalexander, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. carlalexander

    carlalexander Affiliate affiliate

    I just read in a blog not really sure if it was from Google or just a random writer that your sites PR might be affected negatively from links coming from signatures in forum posts. Apparently you are cheating the system by doing so. Do you think that it is fair for your site to be punished for that, yet you are marketing your work?
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  3. MoBowen

    MoBowen Affiliate affiliate

    I looked it up. Google says you shouldn't have optimized links in the post or the signature.

    For example, a signature that looks like this, with links to your website, is probably a no-no:
    Sponge Bob Pillow Cases | Sponge Bob Toys | Sponge Bob Books

    I guess it might look even more spammy to Google if such a signature were on a sporting goods forum because the content doesn't match the signature.

    But, if I were on a parenting forum, I would definitely use a signature like this:
    Sponge Bob books, toys and other goodies for kids of all ages!

    In any case, I've run a bunch of websites in my day. Never really cared about PR, because I focus on making money. I don't make Google my #1 priority because I don't want to be a slave to their rhythm. Oddly enough this "I don't care attitude" has paid off. My sites do well in Google - and even more importantly, they do well without Google. That's how you build longevity.
  4. dcloutier

    dcloutier Affiliate affiliate

    I like the way you just worded that MoBowen. I have a new mommy blog and have been killing myself over the whole Google thing... You just put my head at ease. I much prefer that concept, to trying to slave to their rhythm, as you put it.
  5. ketul

    ketul Affiliate affiliate

    Forum signature also count as a back links. Google webmaster tool display forum signature as a back links.