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Auto Blogs Article Directory all FS cheap

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These are pretty new sites that i no longer have time to do anything with due to other things taking up most of my time so there all for sale very cheap.

No revenue on them

Traffic very low.

Users submit reviews to the blog has a review plugin for people to be able to comment and add there reviews which then show in the post.

BIN: $40

Article Flair

Brand new article directory with some good features. Social bookmarking comments and ratings.

BIN: $50

Auto blogs

these are all pretty new and are auto updating blogs with rss fedds into posts with news or articles.

The Law Blog $15

The Food Blog $15

The Voip Blog $15

Web hosting blog and reviews.

This site is new and is not an auto updating blog but can be changed to do so.

Web Hosting News

Bin $50

All domains are at namecheap and have an average 11 months left to run.

These others are at registerfly and can be transfered out if people want them.

Security tools $10
I Match Making $10
Web Tools $10

Brand new webmaster blog for sale. Inspiring Webmasters to Succeed

No revenue

no traffic

Brilliant for someone who was thinking on starting there own webmaster blog.

Domain at namecheap

Bin $40.

Inspiring Webmasters to Succeed

i moved 5 domains from registerfly last week so it can be done.

Post sold to claim or pm.


I looked up several to see the domain and they all came back 'Page not found'

Can you fix this and give us the domain names - they are important
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