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Augmented Reality Advertising

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by SocialAR, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. SocialAR

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    What is Augmented Reality?
    Augmented Reality is a field in computer vision that creates enhanced views of the real world.

    How it helps in Advertising?
    Augmented Reality Advertising, connects the real world with the unlimited possibilities of online media. It means that digital, situation based content can be “attached” to objects in the environment around you. For example, using an AR app, you can look at a street in front of you and see which restaurants offer vegetarian food and currently have a special offer. Or you can look at a magazine page and see extra, collated content that complements the article.

    Why is WOWSOME special?
    WOWSOME offer users something no one else does in a way we do. With it users can create amazing animated pictures with creative virtual objects we have designed. We are also building a community on the app, so that users can see what others are up to and share their pics with them. Sharing on other social media channels, of course, is available too. No other app at the moment offers users the ability to take a pic with a zombie for example!
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