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As a Newbie 300$ Enough for Mobile Paid Ad Test ???

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by IronMan, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. IronMan

    IronMan Affiliate affiliate

    I have just joined Cpagrip 3 months ago . Now , i used Youtube as my traffic and spam by uploading videos . Now i'm tired of this . I want to use Paid Ad . I want to know that ,
    1. Can i start paid ad traffic by 300$ budget
    2. If i can , then which ad network is the best in last few month
    3. Which offers are easy to convert by these traffic , zip/email submit or pin submit
    4. Can i use my direct aff. link in the ad network without landing page
    5. Is it good to use aff link without any tracking link
  2. newbidder
  3. MaximusPRO

    MaximusPRO Affiliate affiliate

    1. You can start with $10 if you are lucky enough to get conversions :) I personally think you should have minimum $3K budget.
    2. Click dealer, yeahmobi, cash network, ad work media etc.
    3. zip submit
    4. No, I have burned $2K without success. App installs may work but won't find a reliable traffic source.
    5. I won't suggest this. I recently started using tracker and it really works! Remember there is always learning curve point which most people don't like. (I am one of them -:) )
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  4. andree

    andree Affiliate affiliate

    I think that would be very tight with only $300
  5. Sebastian Hanson

    Sebastian Hanson Affiliate affiliate

    I do agree with @andree . You better start with $500.
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