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Article submission software?



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admittedly I dont know much about article submission software but after reading your post I did have a look at a few and found some interesting concepts being applied. I'd rather not make any suggestions as I have yet to test any of the claims made on some of the sites and to be honest a few appeared a bit dodgey in their site design but... Id be interested if anyone has some knowledge in this area.


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I would think personally submitting yourself by hand is best then you know exactly where its went and keep track of them and see how each is performing being used etc.


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Article submission software

I have to recommend article submitter pro, a few marketers I know that's all they use and they have nothing but good things to say about it.


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I use a submission company and let them use my login info so that i can edit and track them.

This has been the most effective way for me. I tried the software (several different ones) and they do save a lot of time, But i submit 14 articles a day and i could not keep up if i did not use the submission services.

If you are agressive this may be the way to go, If you are doing a few a week, then all of the submitters are close to the same and work on the same program, They are really just auto fill applications that fill out the forms of the submission process.

You still have to watch them because the article directories have different for layouts.

Hope this helps.


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Hi everyone,

Article Submitter pro is a good one to use. It is recommended in my program and I plan to buy it shortly.

We have to be carefull with article submitter software because some are spam machine and will use your article to spam or some software might not have updated article directories in their database.

Remembre that submitting articles to good quality directories is more important than submitting to a quantity of directories.

Good luck!


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i also have article submitter pro, it is just an average program, not even in the same ballpark as instant article submitter.

It does automatic updates of directories and has great support, not a spam submitter. All it submits to is actual article directories.

And the more directories you submit to, the better results and traffic you get.

This is not guess work, it is fact.

in case you did not notice, there are no affiliate links to instant article submitter in this thread. I stand to gain nothing from it.

Just an honest reccomendation


I use Article Submitter - (not AS Pro as described above) setting it up is simple and although it's not 100% automated i.e . you have to check on it from time to time to ensure it's not got hung up by the odd directory that puts up defences against submission software, but it makes registering and submitting a whole lot easier - submits to around 700 directories at the last count but you can select exactly who you want to submit to. Can't do that by hand!!