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Article Marketing (Bum Marketing)


Hello Everyone
I've been doing some research on article marketing, and tried a few. I couldn't find much information on article marketing here, so I think it's appropriate to start a thread about it. I did sign up for the Bum Marketing method Ecourse, and got it in my mail. The thing is, it's not very detailed. I mailed Travis (the person who created it) about it, and all I got was some template affiliate link email promoting something and he never answered my questions.
I googled it too, but I don't quite trust all the sites that come up, partially because many of them look like they were preying on newbies trying to get rich overnight.
I thought asking my questions here would be the best idea, since I find the people here much more trust-able than pretty much everywhere else. I checked the FreeIQ site too, and so far for the information I've read on Article Marketing, most of them are things I've already figured out (or mentioned by the Bum Marketing Method).
My questions are:
I assume I cannot post the same post on different article directories. Is that correct?
And also, I found phrases that don't have much PR, but do have only in quotes. In the Bum Marketing example, his ranked close to the top and it looks like he searched without quotes. How does that work?
I've read much information on internet marketing, and I yet have a good idea of what works and what doesn't, mainly because I don't know what something works is supposed to look like (I am aware that affiliate links are not allowed).
I am looking for someone to help me get started, and I would like the experience more than the money I could earn.
I have a proposal of that if someone can help me get started, I'm willing to share 50% of whatever I earn for the first 3 months, as long as they help me get started. I did consider joining places like Wealthy Affiliates, but again I'm skeptical if they are another newbie preying site, and even if they're not, they don't give any guarantees, or give a clear indication of how many of the members actually earn money from it.
IF anyone is interested, just PM me and I will reply back soon.
Thanks, have a nice day.


Good topic and bum marketing has certainly taken the internet by storm.

Hes my best answers to your question.

1) You want to stick with fresh new content for every ezine directory or place you submit your article to because it's not good for the long run. You don't want duplicate content everywhere and then search engines noticing.

If your going to write 10 articles per say submit to only 1 directory and wait a week and see.

2) Even if you don't search with quotes you can still get a high ranking. People that want answers to things don't search with quote they just type something in.

Quote are used to test the market for how popular a keyword or phrase without too many irrelevant keywords in the title.

Does that make sense?

3) As for splitting 50% of your earning to someone for helping you get started is a step in the right direction (somewhat and I will explain).

I wouldn't say that is nessesary at all from my opinion because you can easily get the information for free out there that shows you the simpliest ways to be successful (like BUM marketing for ex) and then once your making $2000-$3000 per month in 3 month you get to keep all the profit opposed to splitting it.

If you really wanted to got his route because perhaps you wanted to talk person to person opposed to just reading how to text then I would consider lowering your cut percent.

50% is quite high. So if you made $2000 after 3 months you would have to give away $1000 to someone who led you in the right direction.

That is like paying Rich Schefren for example and as mentioned before although a coach or buddy to get you moving is helpful, you can often save the money in buying their programs, services and as you mentioned making a 50/50 deal with them.

Hope that helps.



Well, for a few simple questions...

Do I post 10 related articles or 10 different ones?
What about linking?
I'm doing as the ecourse says, and I'm not showing up on the page results (and from my experience I doubt I will). It's not a dominated market so I know it's not because of competition.
Also, thanks, I've subscribed to your mailing list.
Is it possible for anyone to show me how a successful article looks like, and why it's successful? I haven't seen a single one. Thanks.


Successful article?

By my definition, a successful article is about 450-500 words with a well written author resource box. Lots of information is important as search engines and webmasters want good content.

What i find most important is a well concieved title. My most successful articles have been ones that had a "head turning" title that strikes the interest and curiosity of the reader.

Mal Keenan

New Member
I personally use two article submission services - SubmitYourArticle and ArticleMarketer. I submit the same article one week apart to the two databases.

I don't agree that you need to submit different articles to each database. I submit mine to 100s of databases at once and I don't do too bad:)

I don't submit the articles to my own sites though. I try to use unique content on my blogs but link to them from my articles.

Find yourself a list of less competitive keyword phrases, save them to a notepad file, then work through them, working each one into your article resource box. Many of the article databases will allow link text, some will not.

Link to your sites internal pages from your articles resource box too, besides the home page.


Article Marketing


I submit the same article to half of my submission list and then I change the title and some of the text and submit to the other half of my list. It works fine for me and I get thousands of visitors from my articles.



I've been setting up websites, articles and just plain more researching. I'm starting to get the hang of how it works, but I still have one big problem that I haven't quite solved yet.
What DOES a niche site look like?
I know what are supposed to be on it, but the ones I've seen in the past don't seem to do so well.
Also, I know that using Google, I can determine if my niche is competitive or not, but how do I know if it is profitable or not?
Thanks for all your answers, I've learned much here already, and hope it will lead so something great.


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kuraykillua you asked what does a niche site look like.

A niche is a distinct segment of a market or having specific appeal.

Someone might have a baseball site. That would be a site that would be of interest to a large group of people who have an interest in baseball.

Another person might have a site major league pitchers from Kentucky. That would be a niche site. That site would be of interest with that specific interest.

A niche minisite is a small website. 10 pages or less is a number that is used.

A niche site doesn't really look all that different from other sites.

The person with the baseball site might have a 200 page site. The person with the one about major league pitchers from Kentucky could also have a 200 page site. Of course the potential is there for a much larger site about baseball than abaout major league pitchers from Kentucky simply because baseball covers a much larger category.

Each should have a good layout, easy navigation and quality content. Both people should want quality sites and make the effort to have the best site possible.

Niche sites is a term that is being used a lot now. But niche sites aren't anything new. They have been around since websites started. Niche site just wasn't a popular term back then.

There were sites about birds and sites about parrots. There were sites about cooking and sites about pasta dishes. There were sites about clothes and sites about ties. There were sites about wars and sites about the Battle of Gettysburg. There were sites about cars and sites about the 1957 Chevrolet. On and on it goes.

The 1957 Chevrolet is popular with collectors. But whether the site is about American history or the 1957 Chevrolet the same basic sitebuilding rules would apply would apply even if one would be considered a niche site and the other would not necessarily.



I don't believe submitting your articles to multiple sites will hurt your article ranking. The only thing I've noticed is that if you have your article on 50 sites for instance, only one of them will show up in Google.

The positives in my opinion outweigh the negatives. The exposure you gain with your articles on 50 sites, with links pointing back to your blog, website, capture page, lens, etc... should start bringing you traffic quickly.

If your article has good content that blog owners, webmasters, etc..., believe will be a benefit to their readers, they will in turn place your article on their site.

Say for example your article is picked up 5 times from the 50 sites you've submitted to. That's 250 links back to you. If each one of those sites has only ten visitors per day. Now you've got the potential of having 2500 people being exposed to your site or offer.

The key here is writing killer articles with unique content and relevant keywords without sounding like spam.

Using quotes in finding your keywords is again, in my opinion the best way to create your keyword list. True, people searching for information do not normally use them. However, you will receive non relevant information without using them. How to train your dog will give you results for trains, hot dog, how to tie a slip not, etc... Not very helpful in your research.

Google loves Usfreeads and Squidoo. I've had first page results on Google in as little as three days with Usfreeads! I have a premium membership there, because I feel the extra benefits you receive are well worth the 9.95 a month. You should be able to get the same results with the free option. The only way you'll find out is to give the free way a try and check your results.

The internet is loaded with free information! You shouldn't be in such a hurry to give your money away. Joining a membership site like Wealthy Affiliate or Affiliate Cash Secrets is fine to do if you can swing the monthly dues.

I'm a member of Desktop Bucks which is free and it helped me quite a bit. I also paid a one-time membership to Profit Lance, which I think was well worth the price. Mike updates the site fairly often with current trends, so it's an ongoing learning experience.

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