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Are you losing sleep doing Afiliate Marketing?



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There are some people who think I never sleep, and there are some days when I don't sleep. I never did require much sleep.

I spend time dealing with my business and taking care of various functions here at 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums.

It is about 3 o'clock in the morning now. I am alert and getting a lot done.

I just finished helping a member who doesn't understand some of the rules and now it looks as if I need to deal with a potential spammer, welcome a new member and help another new member who is having problems. It is a busy morning.

Idea Guy

Oh my do I have time for sleep :confused:
Whoa thank God I still give 1-3 hours for a sleep everyday...
I know that's not a good thing.. But i'm used to it... :eek:


I had no sleep for exactly 28 hours. And it's 7:15 am now. Heading to church in just 2 hours. Yes, I was working 28 hour straight. Crazy me.. :D


Hi there,

What time do you sleep? Or do you Sleep?


Oh heavens...sleep, blissful sleep...forgotten what a good night's sleep feels like! Optimizing ads, watching/changing keywords, working the web pages...and trying to do all the things one has to do outside of work but I wouldn't change a thing for the world! ;)


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bobang, 28 hours is a nice start. I do that often. I double that and sometimes have more than tripled it. But obviously it isn't something I would suggest that people do.

The good thing is a person can get so much done. I personally which I never had to sleep. It seems like such a waste of time. There are people spending between one-third and one-half of their lives just sleeping.

I guess I am a lot like Idea Guy. When I do sleep it is almost never more than 4 hours, so often it is in the 1 to 3 hour range. I don't feel tired or sleepy.

Even when I have been without sleep for 72 hours, with 4 hours sleep after that I am good as new. I couldn't sleep longer than that if I tried.

I have always been like this and I have found it to be very helpful when wanting to get things done.

Linda Buquet

Larry and I have talked about this a lot and I am SOOOOO jealous of him.
Imagine what you could do with all that extra time?

For a long time it seemed my body needed 10 hours. It really cut into my productivity but it what I needed. After talking to Larry about all his extra time i started working on training myself to need less sleep. Now I sleep 11:30 - 7:30.
8 hours. Normal for most people - MUCH better than 10. But I still want to work on seeing if I can get it down.

I may work on gradually trying to get up a little earlier every morning. My alarm starts going off REALLY loud at 6AM but I just keep hitting the snooze alarm over and over for an hour without even knowing I'm doing it.

Larry I wish your "condition" was catching or teachable or something!
Could really use all those extra hours each week.


New Member
I probably get about 4 to 5 hours sleep a night. In the past ,before i did affiliate marketing ,i was averaging about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.


Oh yawn, I do lose sleep. I think anyone who works a day/night job, has a mate or family, and attempts any level of affiliate or Internet marketing has to lose out on some sleep.

I don't care how automated they make things there is always something to do and it seems you never get caught up.

The good news is I've heard it said that a "productive" sleep should only be about 5 hours, which is about what I get each night. Sadly though I don't consider myself all that productive.


Interesting Topic - and one I've thought About. I have noticed that I sleep less - as some of you have said, when you work at home you always have something to do. For instance, I had just ben about ready go to sleep, ad then had an "ah ha" and just had to throw up a web page, link it up....then started reading this forum! Urgh. I'm sure it was after 3am when I made myself go to sleep. I got up around 9am - 'cause the kids are hungry.

Linda Buquet

myfreeforum, sorry we kept you up. :p

But this forum is what's been keeping me up and making me sleep less too.
I'll be tired and ready for bed. Come to double check the forum "real quick" before I hit the sack.
Then next thing you know, an hour and a half later,
I'm still here chatting with people, my eyeballs rolling back in my head,
too tired to walk to bed.

So if you read a post of mine that doesn't make sense (they often don't)
check what time it was written. :eek:

I seriously feel like an Internet addict. Someone should just hook me up
permanently with an IV drip! :p


Thanks Linda! Can't really tell I don't sleep much eh? I was hoping so anyway. :D

Well your pic is more current than mine was. The one I had up before was 4 years old! It was time for a refresh. :)