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Are you doing better then me?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by rorocm, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. rorocm

    rorocm Affiliate affiliate

    I want to tell you how I'm doing.

    This could give you a perspective on how YOU'RE doing.

    If you can give me some feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it...

    I have a niche site about sleep problems, especially "oversleeping".

    I'm focusing on list building, and my squeeze page is converting about 30%. About 20% confirm (double optin) last time I checked.

    I think it's really good numbers. Right?

    Out of those who sign-up I'm making about 2-3% sales.

    Now, I know it may sound a good conversion rate. But wait, these sales are generated from the list...

    What I'm saying is that if "only" 20% subscribe, and out of those 2-3% purchase my front end offer, that actually leaves me with less then 0.05% sales!

    That's one problem.

    Next there is the backend, and it seems impossible to sell anything else rather than my front end.

    A survey that my subscribers filled tells me (almost) without a doubt that I'm promoting the right kind of products, but still, no sales.

    Can you relate to that? Any ideas?

    I'm searching for a pay per lead programs, so it would be easier to make money from my list. No luck so far. I found one that looks interesting, but the sign-up process is so complicated that I left it in the middle. (Something about tax form and stuff like that(.

    O.k, that's it for now. I hope to get replies soon...


  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Your conversions don't sound bad. I don't deal much with email marketing so not sure, but I do know that good retail conversions are around 2%.

    A couple product suggestions for you that may appeal to your list for back end sales.

    1) Nutritional supplements that deal with the problem either by helping people sleep better so they don't need as much sleep or products that give people more energy.

    2) Mattresses - US mattress on CJ has really high EPC. I think I've read that some people sleep too much because they don't get deep enough sleep, therefore a better mattress may appeal to some?

    Not sure, just throwing out some ideas.
  4. RiverRock

    RiverRock New Member

    Yes... Just kidding. You sound like you are doing pretty good to me. You just need 1-2% sales from a much larger number of people. Wow, even people in Israel are interested in affliate marketing.
  5. eh2zed

    eh2zed New Member

    I was an affiliate marketer through US mattress back when yahoo handled their affiliate traffic. I wrote ONE article on how to buy a mattress and earned about 1500 dollars in 3 years off that one article. I should note that article appeared on epinions.com and I never marketed it at all. PLUS, I didn't even have the affiliate link in my article. It was in my profile making me even more shocked every time I sold a mattress. They are with CJ now and won't answer my emails lol. I reapplied with them through CJ and got turned down. ??? oh well I see it as their loss. I wonder if I can do anything with this article now. HMMMM
  6. decorbydee

    decorbydee New Member

    Did you ask them how much they would pay to get a good nights sleep?
    Then tell them in a reply email, for less than ...then sell =)
    Are you offering them a teaser for free? That could help too.
    Still I think your conversions arent bad at all.
    Blessings Diana