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Are Posting Contests Worth It?

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by Smithee, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Smithee

    Smithee Affiliate affiliate

    Posting contests can entice forum members to create more content for a forum. I noticed though that posting contests though they can be great at getting forum members to be more active, most of the content created within that period is of questionable quality. But this is but the opinion of someone watching all the action from the sidelines.

    Question: what do you think of these posting contests? Are they a waste of time and money?
  2. Voluum
  3. shohrab

    shohrab Affiliate affiliate

    Absolutely not. Posting contest will make your forum live and post engagement will high in this case. Also, if you asked to share their winning experience then more people are love to join the contest next time. Just remember you have to give them a quality gift. You can contact with some sponsor to minimize your cost as well.
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  4. AF-Roger

    AF-Roger Affiliate affiliate

  5. Maximum

    Maximum Guest

    Sometime's posting contests can be really useful if you point out that the posts must contain a certain amount of characters, and detail along with it can be spam posting.
  6. Cavalier0754

    Cavalier0754 Guest

    I find that they encourage people to visit and get the community excited about the forum. Sometimes post quality goes down however the majority of the time the good content created by them will improve your forum in the end
  7. gunnarrichards

    gunnarrichards Affiliate affiliate

    I think that if they were to simply invest in a better program that sift through the data more thoroughly and understand what is quality and not, then these posting contests would be worth it. However, if not, then I do not believe they are!!

  8. pennylove

    pennylove Affiliate affiliate

    I think posting contests are okay as long as you remove the spammy ones or the ones that provide no value to the forum. You can also ban users that constantly provide worthless posts to your site. When used correctly, posting contents can drive readers and traffic unto your site though it's not without bad consequences. It's up to you whether you'll resort to using them.
  9. Vinaya.Ghimire

    Vinaya.Ghimire Affiliate affiliate

    Compensation of any kind is always on the benefit of the owner and admin. There is a forum where I participate every day. The only reason is they are offering $6 a day contest.
  10. mdvelops

    mdvelops Affiliate affiliate

    As long as you have a decent amount of active users on there to make it worth it, sure. But i wouldn't make it a contest related to post count or anything...then you'll get dry topics and empty replies to certain threads.

    One forum I post on offered a $100 Amazon gift card for the person with the most referrals after a few months. That one definitely interested me...as it was basically cash and it seemed like a good way to get referrals and new people to the site. You might want to try that one.
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  11. Gustavowoltman

    Gustavowoltman Affiliate affiliate

    Yes just decide for some gift or a bonus for a most active member.
  12. pennylove

    pennylove Affiliate affiliate

    Goodness, I can't say I've encountered such forums. The most that a forum can give me is that high ranking on my title as a member. I wish I could find one of these forums that do give some rewards of some sort.

    But anyway, I think those rank titles has also helped me in participating in forums. It's nice to be able to achieve such ranks and makes you feel rewarded as well.