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Are IB getting out of hand?


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IB are one of the greediest companies I've ever seen, $200 per updgrade? I could buy a new xenforo license every time a new version comes out (plus $40 left over!) :p
I got two XF licenses for $130 lol I could get 3 licenses and have some left over for the price of upgrading my one vB license.
Yup, the price I have been picking them up at is around $60-70 per license. I'm in the EU but I'm not going to pay $40 for something that is only worth $80 anyways, screw that, so I guess I am stuck with my vB unless I just change the info and pass it on. lol.
IB lost me as a customer for life not only because they were greedy but also because they made a mistake and believed that my 3 week old license was actually 1 year and 3 weeks old, and they set the legal dogs on me before realizing they made a mistake. During the time they hounded me I realized quickly that they had little respect for their own customers by how they approached me and threatened me without even so much as an inquiry or initial contact.

I didn't renew and won't return. This isn't a knock on the software itself, or current management.
I cannot believe they are charging that much for upgrades. To me it sounds like ransom money more or less. Once you've built a community, you don't want to risk losing all of your user activity history by trying to switch over to another platform, so they can just keep raising the price on these all they want.
Internet Brands is a greedy company, why do you think they have a lawsuit against Xenforo? They are trying to take out the competition.