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App Store Optimization

Mike coulson

I don`t know if this is a right category to post this thread, but I did not found any ASO related category.

I am looking to increase my app reviews and downloads in Apple app store. I had posted my app few months back but still no downloads and reviews.

Is there any way to increase downloads and reviews?


Things you could try:

- Create a great description for your app making sure you use the keywords you are targeting. I suppose you've already done that. Go a step further and get that description translated.

- To get reviews, you need to contact bloggers [small to medium publishers] and request them to review your app. You could offer to write a guest post in return.

- Create a video and use it to promote your app.

I hope that helps a little.


Good advice, Smithee. I have gotten some downloads but my reviews are lacking. I knew during my app development I would need an audience, so I slowly built up a few tech/programming Twitter accounts so I can drop the link to my app every few days between posts. I have around 200 downloads in 5 or so months? Not a lot, but it's something.

What type of app is it? I'd be willing to throw your link out on my accounts. Will only get you a few probably, but it doesn't hurt.

Just get your app out there somewhere. Facebook, Twitter, make sure it has a good description so people can find it...there are also other forums just for discussing app development and stuff. Take a look at those!