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App Store Optimization

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by Mike coulson, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Mike coulson

    Mike coulson Affiliate affiliate

    I don`t know if this is a right category to post this thread, but I did not found any ASO related category.

    I am looking to increase my app reviews and downloads in Apple app store. I had posted my app few months back but still no downloads and reviews.

    Is there any way to increase downloads and reviews?
  2. Voluum
  3. Smithee

    Smithee Affiliate affiliate

    Things you could try:

    - Create a great description for your app making sure you use the keywords you are targeting. I suppose you've already done that. Go a step further and get that description translated.

    - To get reviews, you need to contact bloggers [small to medium publishers] and request them to review your app. You could offer to write a guest post in return.

    - Create a video and use it to promote your app.

    I hope that helps a little.
  4. mdvelops

    mdvelops Affiliate affiliate

    Good advice, Smithee. I have gotten some downloads but my reviews are lacking. I knew during my app development I would need an audience, so I slowly built up a few tech/programming Twitter accounts so I can drop the link to my app every few days between posts. I have around 200 downloads in 5 or so months? Not a lot, but it's something.

    What type of app is it? I'd be willing to throw your link out on my accounts. Will only get you a few probably, but it doesn't hurt.

    Just get your app out there somewhere. Facebook, Twitter, make sure it has a good description so people can find it...there are also other forums just for discussing app development and stuff. Take a look at those!
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