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Anyone here using VRE

Lynn Quario

New Member
I downloaded the free version and then purchased the paid version cost of $129 because you could add your own affiliate links. I found it to be a little cumbersome to use. I mostly bought into it because of the hype without testing the product. Now I feel like I through that money away. Anyone having any success with it?


Linda Buquet

Hi Lynn,

I shouldn't say anything because I REALLY don't know... however i just don't get a good feeling about many products like that and tend to stear clear of any programs with those hypey biz opp looking, get rich quick looking, long sales letter type sites.

May just be my own bias. :rolleyes:
Not saying that particular product is bad. I looked at it and didn't even want to try the free version for the reasons stated above, but again it might just be me.

Lynn Quario

New Member
Thanks Linda,

I am learning. In my post I put VRE when it should have been Hypervre. For some reason I want to call it VRE. I don't think I will probably ever use it so it was yet another expensive lesson learned.

Thanks again,
Lynn :)