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Anybody tried "garanteed signups" services for their affiliate?


New Member
Hi everyone,

I would like to know if anybody tried to purchase "garanteed signups" from any company for your MLM or affiliate to register new members directly in your downline. It's not leads, it's signups, i.e. they subcribe to your affiliate or MLM under you.

I have personaly tried a company (and I've read articles related to this topic) and results are generally poor to very poor. I suspect some people even don't have a credit card and subscribe anyway. I still have members to get from a package I've bought last November (2006). The only good side so far is my stats increased and level of acheivement in my organisation. That's my perception and experience.

I was "deseperate" at the moment I've bought it last fall. This was definitly not part of the success guide or training steps from my company. As a green in this industry last fall, I tought it was a short cut or a holy grail secret to succeed with internet marketing.

Is anybody tried this and how was your results? What is your opinion about it?

Thanks for sharing.

Linda Buquet

Well MLM is a totally different animal and we don't deal with it much here.
But with MLM there is usually a "kit" to buy so money would change hands and some could trickle down to you I suppose.

As far as affiliate marketing I think it would be BEYOND useless.
There is no kit to buy and no sign-up fee so affiliates signing up
would be just a form fill which makes no one any money.
You would not make any money unless they actually got busy
and sold something. Sounds like a very bad idea to me either way
and I sure would not waste the money.