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Any one use this site?

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by Mayvin, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Mayvin

    Mayvin Affiliate affiliate

    I was curious to know if anyone has used this site for blogging instead of using http://www.sitesell.com Wordpress.org? It's suppose to be more for newbies who find it difficult fussing with HTML code with wordpress.

    Is wordpress really that much drama to deal with for someone who is not techie? I'm really not a techie person but is this site worth it and is wordpress really that difficult to get a hang of when blogging or starting an online store?
  2. Voluum
  3. Parksooah

    Parksooah Affiliate affiliate

    Wordpress is extremely easy to use and get started. I started my first blog with them and i was not dissapointed. It doesnt require much background knowledge at all, and is extremely use friendly. The UI of the website is so easy my 10 year old niece could pick up on it. Give it a try!
  4. siamsot

    siamsot Affiliate affiliate

    never heard of sitesell before... I think it's another more site that helps you win money if you have your own websit but I think that there are tons of them now in the internet. Have you been using it to share your expiriece with us?
  5. Eudora13

    Eudora13 Affiliate affiliate

    I have never heard of this site, sorry. I'm a techie-dud so any kind of tampering with HTML and I'm flummoxed. As for Wordpress, the pre-customized templates are very easy to handle and there's quite a range to choose from. But personally, I find them a little to simple. If you want your blog to be very attractive and interactive, then some technical know-how is necessary, you have to tweak it a little.

    Personally, I prefer Blogger to any other site.
  6. protoboard

    protoboard Affiliate affiliate

    Wordpress is very easy and it's even easier if you go with the wordpress.org option to host your blog. The admin page of Wordpress is really user friendly and easy to use so if you want to install a template or plugin or something else you have nothing to worry about because the site makes it easier for you.
  7. gigiBontam

    gigiBontam Affiliate affiliate

    SBI! is the only product that takes the time to prepare you to build a profitable business, before you jump into building your site. For the beginner, your learning curve will be shorter and you'll bypass any show-stopping errors. For those experienced in site-building, SBI! deepens your level of understanding. No matter who you are, you are guided all the way until you succeed.
  8. Nixon Marcion

    Nixon Marcion Affiliate affiliate

    Sounds great I must say but I would love to learn all the stuff about creating a website and all this technical stuff so I can sue these skills to make some money.
  9. Murray

    Murray Affiliate affiliate

    I don't think that Wordpress is all that hard to deal with honestly. I like to use Blogger for its ease and pretty much what you see is what you get mentality sometimes. I think both keep things pretty simple.
  10. Trista

    Trista Affiliate affiliate

    Although I never used it, I heard many good things about Sitesell.com. I think it was much more useful back in the days before WordPress. For people who were new to building Web sites and had limited experience with HTML it was very popular. It also had a good affiliate program so you could build a niche Web site and Sitesell.com could be an additional passive income stream, as your affiliate link was encoded into the footer of the Web site.

    But WordPress is so easy to use -- and getting easier with each new update -- and it is also free, which is another advantage over Sitesell.com.