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An exclusive and HUGE JV opportunity only for DOJO members

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by crysper, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. crysper

    crysper Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    So why is this a huge opportunity?
    I'm giving you access to a partnership and a whole business package(4 figures worth). Here's what you'll get access to:
    - a fully customized Joomla with Virtuemart(e-commerce component) website with full setup (all required modules set up). For its purpose, the php core and some components were re- coded. This full setup and coding is worth about $2000-$3000 or even more.
    - awesome custom design worth $1900
    - domain and hosting included(you won't need to pay for it)
    - programmer(me or some of my partners) at disposal, for smal-medium tweaks. So you don't have to pay $$$ on odesk or other services, which also may be low quality.
    - full control of the content and user base
    Concerning the earnings opportunity, see below...

    So what's the site about?
    This website is a full featured social deals website built in 2010, focused on software deals(but we might change to web apps with recurring discounts). Basically, every day, the website features a new deal for a software product with a discount ranging from 30-80%. Each deal lasts 3 days(not 1).

    How is this different from other deals website?
    There is a lot to tell but I'll post the top 2 ones in my opinion:
    1. the website has a premium membership feature where users get higher discounts(20% more) and 15 days of deal period(3 days for regular member). So if you are a premium member, for each new product listed you have 15 days to get the deal until expires and higher discounts than regular users.
    2. huge focus on virality and free traffic:
    a)social discount: If a regular user shares the deal to 5 of his friends he will get 20% more discount for the deal and his friends as well
    b)referral system: If the user gets 10 referrals, he will earn a free premium membership

    Here is the website: Great software deals, high software discounts - GrabSomeDeals.com

    Earning opportunities:
    Firstly I want to strongly emphasize that this is a real business, is not a fake money making method you see on a WF, it's not related to CPA where the offer may fade away or low quality CB products. You have full control over what products you promote and your earnings which can be scaled and get huge.

    I will give some rough estimates on the very low end, I'm going to say how much you can make based on multiple factors and my experience, but I will keep it (very) real as I don't want you to think that you'll become a millionaire overnight with this because it's impossible (well, not overnight). It requires work and dedication like any other businesses.

    The most important part on the daily deals business is the email list. So let's start assuming we have 5000 subscribers, which is decent and can be achieved without too much effort in a relatively short time.

    Having 1 deal every-day, for 3 days that means each day 3 deals will be available for regular users. Considering a 2% CTR rate, which is the average for deals websites we get about 100 very targeted and ready to buy visitors.
    Being a deals website, 10% CR is ok, especially since is from an email campaign(industry avg). However 10% means 10 sales(averaging the 3 products on sale - money get from affiliate sales of course). With an avg of 5-10$/sale(or much more, depending on the product) it will be around $50-$100 only from first sale(not counting recurring revenue), only from email alone.

    So daily, from 5000 subscribers(of course, this can be reached from 3000 subscribers, depending how responsive they are), the earnings will be around $50-$100/day.
    OK. I won't focus too much on website visitors since it's hard to estimate, but I'm sure that 3-5 sales a day can be reached pretty easily for a daily deals website with a few hundred visitors(again, the low end).

    So we are at about $65-$150/day.

    Let's talk about the premium membership. Since is very cheap and has a lot of benefits, I can easily estimate that 3 out of 10 users who buy a deal will eventually buy the membership as well, to save more on future sales. This means about 5 membership sales/day which is 5x17=$85

    We ended up at about $150-$235/day, rough estimates. If I'm too "generous" with the numbers please correct me, but I'm pretty confident on these numbers, especially since are on the low end, not even average. I also did not included the sales from premium members and products with recurring revenue.

    AND the earnings will increase over time since the email list(and traffic) will get bigger.

    Any traffic or earnings so far?
    No and I tell you why. I started it in 2010, I worked 4 months to build it. I launched without any prelaunch(was inexperienced) and still got about 15 vendors to jump on board(some of them appear on the website even today). I got featured on KillerStartups(big startup review website) from where I get nice traffic, partnership requests and a personal email from AppSumo(just started up) creator(which is millionare now) for some kind of referral program. The main problem was I neglected it after I started an offline business with a college friend. I also got involved in a non-profit organization and I let everything die. It might sound as a big mistake, but I also had other online ventures(like veetosoft .com) and I was just starting affiliate marketing so who knows, I was quite busy. However, I kept the project on hold, kept the domain and hosting hoping that someday I will re-launch it....and I think that day is very close.

    How we get the deals?
    Well, that's not so hard. We'll gonna work directly with the vendors. The website has a page where the vendors can see the benefit of the sales promotion campaign we are going to do for them and to subscribe as well. I also have an email which works pretty well, got 50% response rate. Business owners love this kind of stuff since they got promoted and get a bigger user base. I used to go to a site like Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course (Mac PC) 50% Discount Coupon Code who basically was the only competitor and contacted the vendors who promoted 1 year ago or something.
    After the vendor accepted the deal, they will set up an affiliate link and promotion (we'll ask for about 30%). I used to ask for a description as well, but to get better sales, we need to create our own sales page for the promotion. Everything will take 1-2 hours/day at max, including the product video review.

    Building the list and traffic
    Let's see how we'll get to those 5000 subscribers and traffic. Nothing special, but at the beginning we'll focus on free traffic:
    - youtube(making product reviews and rank)
    - SEO(product reviews, tips, etc)
    - social
    - forums, blogs, q&a sites(respond on blogs/forum/q&a sites where the product name appears or competition)
    etc...the one who will get take advantage of this opportunity should know much better(i'm not a free traffic guy). Rather than struggling with CPA offers or CB products, better invest your time in a real long-term business.

    This is not for everyone, that's why I haven't posted it on a public forum. I'm looking for someone who is:
    1) honest with good moral values and hard worker
    2) experienced in free traffic methods like SEO, youtube, social [very important]. A high advantage if you already get on the path of doing SEO and promoting CB products this way.
    3) able to invest at least 4 hours/day or more at the beginning for this venture

    Since this is some kind of JV, what I will have:
    - 30% of the profit
    - ownership of the email list
    - ownership of the website and domain

    What you have to do:
    - work to provide the traffic(mostly free) to the website and to build the email list
    - contact the vendors to get new deals
    - create the daily email and deals page content

    Finally, you can see why I called this a huge opportunity with the earnings potential, having everything laid out and seeing how it works and why it works. If you are interested (and if you are the type of guy i'm looking for), hit me up with a PM telling your free traffic experience(with proofs).


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