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Amazon Affiliate Site

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Evan Forsyth, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Evan Forsyth

    Evan Forsyth Affiliate affiliate

    Would really like to give this a try. What are some tips you have for convincing consumers to buy your advertised product.
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. rajdeep

    rajdeep Affiliate affiliate

    Offer them, declare attractive discounts on certain products or try to add on a complementary product along with your product for free for a certain time! You should have your internet marketing reach engagement prior to that.
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  4. William Hamilton

    William Hamilton Affiliate affiliate

    You can read blog authorityhacker
  5. Bashy

    Bashy Affiliate affiliate

    As someone who has made a good amount of money with the Amazon associate program over a number of years i can say your goal is to not convince customers to buy. Sounds strange i know but hear me out.

    Your goal is to get people to click through to Amazon. Amazon have mastered the art of converting customers so let them deal with that.

    Your goal is to get people clicking your CTA buttons and getting the 24 hour cookie added to that visitor. More than likely a person clicking through to your site on Product X will actually buy Product Y. In a lot of cases in a totally different niche.

    Just be very wary of the associate programs TOS. Don't list prices unless you have a system in place that will show the correct price 100% of the time. The wrong price even by a penny can see your account banned, I've had it happen to me (yes out by a penny) and had to contact higher up people in the chain to get my account back.

    Read and re read the TOS, i cant stress this enough.

    To make good money you will need a lot of volume, here is a screen shot as an example during the Christmas period.


    I no longer focus on Amazon anymore as the state of SEO makes it a slog...Not when a lot more money can be made via other forms of affiliate marketing in this forum.

    Hope this helps
  6. rajdeep

    rajdeep Affiliate affiliate

    Please send the Link
  7. dogankurye

    dogankurye Affiliate affiliate

    First of all there is not such a thing as convincing customer the buy your product.You need to first search the market.How many people are doing same job with you.Then you need to search some loops.What those people are not doing it.Then try to find different service for buyers.Also search market what people buying these days.What they need or always.