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AI News AI for War --Dream or Reality?


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AI could be utilized in war making decisions, in the field, without human intervention when feasible; or, is this a recipe for disaster --even if possibly enabling an "end of the world" scenario?

>>>" In Palantir’s scenario, a “military operator responsible for monitoring activity within eastern Europe” receives an alert from AIP that an enemy is amassing military equipment near friendly forces. The operator then asks the chatbot to show them more details, gets a little more information, and then asks the AI to guess what the units might be.

“They ask what enemy units are in the region and leverage AI to build out a likely unit formation,” the video said. After getting the AI’s best guess as to what’s going on, the operator then asks the AI to take better pictures. It launches a Reaper MQ-9 drone to take photos and the operator discovers that there’s a T-80 tank, a Soviet-era Russia vehicle, near friendly forces.

Then the operator asks the robots what to do about it. “The operator uses AIP to generate three possible courses of action to target this enemy equipment,” the video said. “Next they use AIP to automatically send these options up the chain of command.” The options include attacking the tank with an F-16, long range artillery, or Javelin missiles. According to the video, the AI will even let everyone know if nearby troops have enough Javelins to conduct the mission and automate the jamming systems.

Palantir’s pitch is, of course, incredibly dangerous and weird. While there is a “human in the loop” in the AIP demo, they seem to do little more than ask the chatbot what to do and then approve its actions. "<<<

AI could be utilized in war. However, AI hair trigger response of hostile activity ...