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AI Content Creation --How Tos


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Creating AI Content

In the past few months humanity has been introduced to its artificial intelligence friend or potential demon.

Let me elaborate on the above statement: Just this weekend the country of Italy has banned it's citizens from contacting the AI demon. Inevitably the people of Italy will get around ChatGPT's GEO block by simply using VPN networks.

Next up? Maybe, China will ban ChatGPT for the reason that that the Chinese government cannot snoop and control the platform's use.

One thing that I found helpful in creating AI prompts is better explaining the desired result or meaning of my query within square brackets [..........] . Often, I find it necessary to restate my query either more specifically or asking a question about the previous query reply. that is to say, if you do this will that happen? in the ChatGPT reply will say yes as I said above or before you can {what was previously said in response}

Another thing I have noticed is that the ChatGPT interface will save your queries and the ChatGPT replies.

Developing Prompts that are useful:

1. Ask a question about the general target subject​
2. Extract your prompt items from that first "general response"​
3. Edit those preliminary ideas into the specific prompts that will help you in creating the content that will do what you want to do.​

Try these ideas and then test the copy that you've created with an AI detection tool.
Italy's banning citizens from contacting the AI demon, and I can totally imagine everyone there just casually VPN-ing their way around it.
And the speculation about China maybe banning ChatGPT for control reasons? Whoa! The AI drama is getting intense!
Totally agree with your tips on crafting AI prompts!Those square brackets and refining queries are golden nuggets. It's like having a secret handshake with ChatGPT!

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Just stumbled upon this convo about AI friends and potential demons, and it's wild to see how countries are reacting!
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I did an api call to openai using python last night --was a merry-go-round experience, with a lot of hassle, but I finally got it to work :) sortof ...

play by play is here -> I got invited to chatgpt4

next step is to create a "better chat bot" with a more permissive mind :D

However, I am pretty sure there are many workarounds --holes they have not *plugged* pun intended :D