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Affiliates for history site ?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by iatbm, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. iatbm

    iatbm New Member

    There is not much affiliate programs which I can use on my history site. I get around 700 unique visitors a day and this is slowly rising every day. I think this is good amount of visitors for such young website which is online from February 2006 and as I said in my introduction post I think I am missing something here. I think some affiliate program would be very good extra earning apart adsense which is doing quite well there.

    Now books are defenetely option and I sold couple of them already but what else. I need ideas what would people buy who visit my history site ? mainly I get visitors for keywords " timelines, world history, ancient, art history etc...."

    I found this affiliate - History Affiliate Program: Historical Weapons, Replicas and Collectibles and signed up to see what how products look on website (not yet approved so I don't know yet) and if products are looking good and interesting I will try them.
    I checked for some feedback on google on them but nothing could be found.

    Anyway I am looking for more history related affiliate programs ;)
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  2. terraleads
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Hi there,

    Its possible you are thinking to narrowly about this. Yes I know your site is about history but what do you think visitors that are interested in history may be interested in???

    On your jazz history section you could feature jazz CDs. On your art history section you could feature one of many art, prints and poster affiliate programs.

    A great fit would also be the National Geographic Store affiliate program which is managed by one of our clients.

    In fact I just went to the National Geographic store and GUESS WHAT!
    They have a culture and history section with history books and historic collectibles. http://shop.nationalgeographic.com/gateway/116/104.html

    We found 91 product(s) matching your search for history.

    Join the National Geographic store affiliate program here:

    No need to thank me, I'll just take 10% of your commission as a finders fee! :p
  4. iatbm

    iatbm New Member

    Great thanks I will defenetely try them but I found this babylon.com affiliate program which I think is even better for my site. I just don't know do they pay or not .... guess they are serious, their website looks serious and products are good so .....

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