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Affiliates Deliver Bigger Orders + Better Customers

Linda Buquet

<strong>We, in the biz, know affiliates rock</strong> - and this study proves it! A recent article in DIRECT Magazine points out that affiliates deliver shoppers that typically spend more with higher average order size sales than other online marketing channels. Affiliates on average also deliver more affluent shoppers and drive higher conversion rates.

This article is from research done by DoubleClick Performics and it covered several large merchant clients, their key competitors and the three major affiliate networks, not just Performics. Then they analyzed online activity for 63 affiliate programs to determine where visitors came from and their purchase behavior.
<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">Study Shows Affiliate Marketing Delivers Better Prospects</a></strong>
"Since affiliate publisher sites present visitors with commerce-oriented information, deals, offers and product descriptions, consumers there often are ready to buy.

It's reasonable, then, to assume that affiliate shoppers convert better and faster than those who come through other channels or even those that go directly to an advertiser's site. <strong>The channel's conversion rates consistently outpace other referral sources, including e-mail and search marketing</strong>, because affiliate publisher sites focus solely on converting visitors into buyers... "</blockquote>
Chris Henger, VP of Affiliate Marketing at DoubleClick Performics goes on to give merchants and affiliate managers questions that should be asked to ensure you are creating an environment where affiliates can flourish and offers tips to help affiliate programs reach their full potential.