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AffiliateCashCard Interesting New Concept

Linda Buquet

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AffiliateCashCard New Service to Drive Affiliate Offline Sales

"Now here's an interesting new think-outsite-the-box affiliate marketing concept. This company combines off-line word of mouth marketing with affiliate tracking in a unique way that sounds like it can be adapted to work with any existing affiliate program, regardless of the network or software the merchant currently uses. The unique way this model pulls everything together ensures affiliate sales get tracked. I think certain markets could do very well with this concept."



Thank you for the kind post

We realise this is not suited for every affiliate program out there. It's more suited to digital goods and services (ie. Casinos, Music, software etc) where the merchant doesn't have inventory costs to recover. We built this service to address the need to find ways for all affiliates to promote a site rather than the best webmasters (10% of all affilaites produce 90% of the revenue). We also wanted to come up with a way people could interact with off line prospects without putting an "sales job" on people (which makes most non-sales types uncomfortable).

We would appreciate feedback from affiliates and professionals in this market.

Thanks again for the positive comments.


GTP Financial Services. :)