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Affiliate website?


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Could anybody give me a good SEO-friendly affiliate site,because I want to learn more about affiliate websites and what they consist?

Linda Buquet

This thread may help.

<a href="">what is an affiliate marketing website supposed to look like?</a>


Affiliate Site


I can give you some invaluable tips for your affiliate site. I have been an affiliate web designer for the last two years so i know what works with design and seo and what doesn't.

1. Do not over complicate your site. Your site has to look like an independent site and not a product site. It also should be written as 'we' recommend and not 'i'.

2. Use good lifestyle imagery for your site to help the visitors relate to your content and recommendations.

3. Use good source of product imagery. Show the product you are affiliating and try and boost up the levels to make the product look of high value. The customer will not purchase something they cannot see no matter how well you describe it.

4. Use standard/default colour text links in your site. These work best and more clicks will be made from a default blue text link to a style that you may create yourself.

5. Do not much emphasis on your site name or title. Remember the visitor is there to learn and purchase the product your site is promoting. They are not looking at your site due to its url.

1. Adwords are a great way to gurarntee target traffic. You only have to spend 50p a day which on some keywords can get you upto 6 clicks.

2. Fresh content in your site and new content is loved by google.

3. Use header tags, alt tags, picture title tags etc. Again these are liked by google and will help your rankings.

4. Write and post lots of articles. Articles are a great source of traffic and a good way of gaining organic traffic.

5. Link exchange with high ranking sites is an extremely great way to get traffic.

6. Set up some analytics for your site, ie. google and/or robotreply. This will show you how many visitors you will get, their location, time on site etc.

Hope these tips are of some use, i am always free to offer more.

Remeber though, affiliate sites can take a long time to get good google rankings and good affiliate sales. Only few people set up a site and start to generate sales within the first 3 months.

Its more about how you market a site and the amount of fresh content you can constantly add.

Good luck

Linda Buquet


Newbies should realize that some of the highest traffic sites and some of the highest earning affiliate sites are very simple.

One affiliate site example I can share, because it's public knowledge is Plenty of Fish. It's one of the simplest dating sites out there and it's free. I don't think the design is even that nice and it's been noted it's one of the ugliest money making sites.
Markus makes $5 - $10 Million a year with this site

Not saying to make UGLY sites on purpose. Just showing it does not have to be flashy. (although I know a couple affiliates who do make ugly sites specifically because they think they convert better.)

However even if using a simple design, affiliate sites should be clean with high usability - ie, as Paul said, product pictures, obvious links (blue underlined.) Flashing banners, scrolling text and other types of stuff that may look cool on a Myspace page will just distract from the purpose of an affiliate site.