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Affiliate versus OPM


I have an entrepreneur background having started and run several small companies and have been involved in the net for years, but was out of all things tech for the last 3 years. Am now getting back in and debating between becoming an affiliate OR creating a small OPM type of shop within a niche market. Is there anything or anyone in the forum that could offer any advice on their decisionmaking process when becoming an affiliate or seeking affiliate manager opportunities?

I realize that there's a lot of personal stuff in making this decision and i'm wading through that, but looking for thoughts on people who may be doing one instead of the other and how they got to that point. Or if people are doing both. Any examples would be great. Does anyone know of any examples of small, niche OPM players? I realize that many times people don't want to reveal their storefronts or businesses in the forums, so i'm open to personal emails as well. Thanks.
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Linda Buquet


Sorry! I tell you I can't give one-on-one advice by email and ask you to post your question in the forum - then take a day to get around to answering.
How's that for service! :p

Well, I think it's a little difficult to be an OPM unless you have experience being an affiliate - not impossible, just harder. Plus the OPM space is VERY competitive, but if you specialized in a specific niche, it may be doable.

Do you know everything that goes into managing an affiliate program? Do you think you have all the skills and would LIKE doing all the things that affiliate managers have to do?

Something else to think about is that affiliates if they are good can make a LOT more money than AMs can.

I haven't really answered your question, just aksed you some and gave you more to think about.

Anyone else???