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Affiliate Survival Guide - Must Read

Linda Buquet

Are you a successful mid-level affiliate?

Does the word J.O.B. scare the wits out of you?

If you are a newbie this post will give you some insight,
but if you are a professional affiliate in this biz for the long haul the following post is a must read!

Rae Hoffman just wrote one of the most in-depth, insightful blogs I've read for a long time. (Is it me or have there been lots of lame blogs recently? I've been getting bored with my feedreader lately.)

So head over there and read <strong><a target="_new" href="">How to Survive the Affiliate Evolution</a></strong>. Rae writes:
<blockquote>"Whether or not you know it, or maybe in some cases, allow yourself to accept it, the online arena is going through an evolution as a whole. But, affiliates, especially the mid-level guys, will see one of the largest evolutions as an industry online in the next three years as it?s likely seen in the entire history of the affiliate space before this combined.

This evolution will not be technology based, nor will it be ?fundamentals? based. It will be strategy based. And if you don?t accept the existence of the evolution and start to prepare, strategize and execute based on it, I can almost guarantee you that you?ll be polishing your resumes and accepting a corporate position within the next three years."</blockquote>
Read the rest of <strong><a target="_new" href="">Rae's post</a></strong>, you'll be glad you did!

I discovered this story when I was reading Belle's blog. <strong><a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Marketing - A Changing Landscape</a></strong>.
Thanks Belle!

What do you guys think?
That was a long informative article.
What was the most important gem you took away from it?


I can't even find the words to express what an awesome read that was!

Thanks for that link Linda ... seriously dead-on advice from Rae!!! :cool:

Linda Buquet

Yep Rae ROCKS!

I had read a couple REALLY good blogs of hers awhile back and was always impressed with her advice. Somehow her feed stopped working in my feedreader, so I lost track of her. Just grabber her feed again and am a big fan after reading that article!

Linda Buquet

Yours too Belle. I read yours every chance I get.
So luckily I caught your blog about Rae's blog,
who you discovered through Chrissie,
so now the circle is complete! :)

Maybe we should start a "Women in Affiliate Marketing" blog carnival. ;)
Add Bobbie and Teli and we'd have a nice little chain going!

There aren't enough well known female bloggers in our industry,
so maybe if we gang up and form a good old girls network??? :p :D