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Affiliate Shrink Google Cartoon

Does my cartoon suck wind???

  • Yes, Linda - give it up you have better things to do!

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  • Nice try but it really DOES suck!

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  • Hire an artist and a writer and this could FLY!

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Linda Buquet

I've been thinking about doing an "Affiliate Shrink" cartoon series for awhile now. Had a creative streak and whipped up a quick Google cartoon. Don't pretend to be a cartoonist and not even sure I'm funny. So does this totally SUCK or do you want more? If you want me to do more, I can improve and get lots more creative.
(Ya, right, like I really have time for cartoons...but hey if it will drive traffic to the forums I can do it.) FYI, I'm the Affiliate Shrink, the one on the right! :)


So does this totally SUCK or do you want more? Vote!