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Affiliate Report from WebMasterWorld Vegas

Linda Buquet

My 1st PubCon! After wanting to go for several years, ever since I did SEO for a living back in the old days, I finally made it. Very well organized conference by Brett Tabke and crew. Kudos to the team for pulling off a great event!

Wanted to share some thoughts from the affiliate marketing perspective since lots of people have already covered it from the SEO and other perspectives. This year there was only one session on affiliate marketing, which I will talk about in a minute. The conference was heavily focused on SEO and SEM but there were also good sessions covering blogging, community building and other webmaster topics. One of the key things I came away with regarding affiliate marketing is something we all know, but it was nice to hear it officially from people like Matt Cutts from Google and other top Search Engine representatives. So I want to re-enforce this message LOUD & CLEAR! The search engines do NOT hate affiliate sites per se, they hate duplicate content and sites that provide NO added value. Affiliate sites are fine as long as they provide unique, additional and helpful content. Banner farms and cookie cutter datafeed sites are not going to cut it. But if you are an affiliate and have sites that contain affiliate links along with good content, reviews, forums, ratings, comparisons and/or other unique content that provides value you are cool.

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