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Affiliate programs for Europe


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Hi, do you have any inputs on what website we can find affiliate programs for all countries in Europe? The biggest one with the biggest selection. Also most reliable! The programs we are most looking for is finance, energy, mobile subscription, dating, insurance, housing etc....
like here (holy shi*...)

We have many affiliate programs that cater to the European GEOS. Rather than using some random website with questionable reviews, the vendors and affiliate programs here. They are 'vetted' to the degree of substantial legitimacy.

Try the RESOURCES Resources


Thank you for the reply. Yes, great resource with list over advertising networks! Do you know who is best for our above profile? Just want to skip the job with opening accounts in multiple networks (though the damage is already done) :)
Not offhand. All these Networks say they are the 'best' --never heard one say the are the worst and refer someone to a competitor</sarcasm>

@google search use this format to find offers here ... google does a nice job of indexing multiple keywords in a site serach; 'resources Spain dating'
What works for one affiliate may not work for another; so spin the wheel of fortune a bit.
Some affiliate programs have beer rated by our members --that can mean something?
Hello @happyaffiliate

Good Day :)

Please connect we've all the geos covered for Europe geo for dating, mobile subscription, sweepstakes, and casino niche.
We're direct advertisers and have 2000+ offers with us.

Let's connect, here is my skype ID: live:simmir216

For affiliates targeting the European market, the Awin affiliate network stands out as a robust and diverse platform. Awin facilitates partnerships between affiliates and a plethora of advertisers across various industries, offering a broad spectrum of products and services suitable for European audiences. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting tools, Awin allows affiliates to track performance metrics and optimize their campaigns effectively. The platform's international reach and localized support make it particularly attractive for European affiliate marketers seeking to connect with a wide array of advertisers, ultimately providing ample opportunities to monetize their traffic and engage with a geographically diverse audience.
Agreed with your point.

Choosing between a Backstreet Affiliate and Any big network involves a trade-off between network size and personalized advantages. Backstreet Affiliate, as a smaller network, offers personalized support, flexibility in negotiations, and niche focus. This can lead to quicker decision-making, less competition, and the opportunity for stronger relationships. Also, @happyaffiliate is looking for dating, mobile subscription-based offers which is our forte.

On the other hand, a larger network, boasts extensive reach, a global presence, an established reputation, and a diverse range of offerings. The size and reputation of Bigger Network provide affiliates with the confidence of a reliable platform and access to a broad range of advertisers.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific requirements. If you value personal support, agility, and niche focus, diverse opportunity in dating, mobile subscription, nutra, casino, and Backstreet Affiliate may be the ideal fit. However, if you seek a global reach, diverse opportunities you can always go for Bigger networks. Larger networks with extensive capabilities might be more aligned with your goals. Consider testing both networks to evaluate their performance in your specific affiliate marketing endeavors.
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