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Affiliate Marketing - Never Give Up!

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by olleper, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. olleper

    olleper Affiliate affiliate

    Good morning Blondie.
    (Will introduce “Blondie” at a later stage.)
    And good morning fellow affiliate marketers, wizards and gurus.

    OK, let’s see if I can persist this time, follow through all the way to a positive cash flow.

    My previous attempts into affiliate marketing has been doing it massively, overloading myself with work, working on a stack of different websites, campaigns, affiliate networks and on and on.

    And of course, that overload left it all half done, nothing properly done, and simply impossible to “balance all the plates”. And as a consequence I get tired, can’t manage it all, packs up and leave for some months or a couple of years.

    So here I am, restarting my “follow along” project as well, please join me and see what comes up. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes, and maybe you can learn from some great wizards that might give us an input. - I will enjoy the journey, and hope that it can add some value to the marketplace.

    Another common error among “affiliate marketers wannabe’s”;
    (In my opinion anyway)

    Is to approaching it too hard single-mindedly wanting to make a shit load of money.
    When in reality the ultimate wisdom is; “there is no free lunch”!

    We have to do something; we have to provide a service or a commodity. Or as a wise guy put it somewhere; “the only way to make money is to add value to the marketplace.” The more value we add to the marketplace, the more money people will automatically pay you for that added value.

    So, that leaves me with a tricky question - how can I add value to this marketplace?
    In the affiliate marketing game, I doesn’t even have a product - I’m just connecting the buyer with a supplier.

    So there is a question for you guys; how do we add value to the affiliate business – marketplace?

    Talk more soon….
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  2. newbidder
  3. olleper

    olleper Affiliate affiliate

  4. olleper

    olleper Affiliate affiliate

    OK, Here’s two sites for review;

    BuyYourCar.com | Facebook
    Gold Coast Auto and Car Parts

    Good Sunday afternoon Marketing Wizards

    I hope you have a great Sunday afternoon, and as opposed to me are staying away from the bloody computers.

    But I was considering the classic; “hundred BlogPosts in hundred days” challenge, so I better stick to my seven-day workweek.

    I have a couple of websites here, actually a websites - and a Facebook sites. Two sites that featuring my an off-line business, a very small car restoration and sales business. For the last couple of years we added a rental option, as well as an option of “Rent Your Car” and then buy it.

    Main website is GC auto . com
    And the secondary being a Facebook page; BuyYourCar . com

    So, this car business is the main promotion here, but the purpose for the following along here at The DOJO is of course to add an Affiliate Marketing component. And the marketing, of course, takes me back to the good old questions; how do we generate traffic, how do we build a list - and how do we find the customers?

    The challenge of cause is to be consistent with adding content to the websites, daily postings on the Facebook page. Something for Mr Luke? I am a subscriber for FP Traffic, but currently not use it. My question about FB traffic would be whether pictures alone is sufficient, or we need some more informative content?

    Another point is that the website GC Auto does not have a blog page, but do I need a blog on a product sales page - the products of cause requires almost daily updates anyway.

    Can anyone suggest any strategies?

    Enjoy your Sunday friends!!

  5. olleper

    olleper Affiliate affiliate

    Monetizing websites - versus affiliate marketing?

    Hi Tyler, “K” and others, and happy Monday morning and Prosperous week to you all.

    I just read your latest blog post Tyler, and as I found the link through the AffPosts newspaper I assume that you are also lurking around here in the DOJO occasionally. Am I right?

    So, you have been creating websites from 2004 to 2012, interestingly, that is pretty much the time period in which I was busy creating websites too. Give or take a year or two in both ends.

    But there is a difference, a quite significant one; you apparently made a living of your websites - and my websites have been costing me money. It would be quite interesting to analyse, to dig in, and to get some ideas about why such a different result.

    Now, I might have to do a disclaimer on the above statement;
    I have done customer websites, and I have got paid for doing these sites - some which are still going and servicing the owner quite well. I have also done my own websites to promote off line businesses - these sites too are working well, generating a bit of traffic, business and money.

    But what is that the trick - in just doing a websites and have it generating a passive income? Not necessarily a huge income, but initially, and for the sake of the exercise - having a positive cash flow?

    The websites - and it’s quite a few - that I set up in attempts to generate a passive cash flow have all failed. But they have also been affiliate marketing based, as such having almost 100% of traffic from paid “PPC traffic”.

    After running them for a while and seeing a PPC bill way higher than the revenues every month - it’s sort of dies away and I’m forced to shut it down.

    Can somebody relate to this scenario?

    So again Tyler, “K” and other wizards here;

    What is the trick, the strategy all the secrets - of positive cash flow?


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