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Affiliate Marketing Guide to Crypto Vertical in 2021

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by zeropark, Feb 12, 2021.

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    Hey guys,

    Last year got us all by surprise. And although billions of people around the world have slowly tuned in to the new normal, it just can’t go unnoticed that the global economy has come to a halt, a significant financial crisis is luring ahead, and banks are frantically shuffling money.

    So, who’s silently cheering watching their businesses grow? Cryptocurrency traders and affiliate marketers, of course.

    That’s why today we’re bringing you the ultimate guide to running cryptocurrency offers with affiliate marketing in 2021.

    Read on and watch your profits grow!

    ☑️ What is the crypto vertical in affiliate marketing?
    In order to explain what the crypto vertical in affiliate marketing is, first of all, we need to explain what the cryptocurrency and blockchain hype is all about. To do just that, let us go back to 2010 when the cryptocurrency bubble first appeared… oh wait, of course you know that already.

    Because who doesn’t know what bitcoin and cryptocurrency mean after Tesla has just bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin and Elon Musk has sort of contributed to raising the prices of cryptocurrencies (again!), by simply tweeting about it.

    So, what does the world of big-tech have to do with affiliate marketing?


    The crypto vertical in affiliate marketing consists of offers promoting a wide range of cryptocurrency-related products. Despite the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, the number of crypto affiliate niches continues to grow.

    And given how 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic has sped up the digital revolution, the demand for crypto-related products is bigger than ever.

    Such products, which can be then categorized into various smaller niches, range from offers promoting businesses trading cryptocurrencies, the ones using cryptocurrencies as payment or reward methods (online casinos or adult sites), as well as offers promoting content focused on educating people about the cryptocurrencies systems and how these work.

    ☞ Crypto vertical includes affiliate offers related to:
    ✔︎ cryptocurrency exchange
    ✔︎ cryptocurrency brokerage
    ✔︎ online retail
    ✔︎ online gambling and casinos
    ✔︎ adult entertainment and dating sites​

    To put it simply — the crypto vertical in affiliate marketing includes anything that’s even remotely connected to the world of blockchain systems and various cryptocurrencies. And that’s a perfect opportunity for all affiliates out there to make money promoting blockchain, bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrencies-related affiliate offers.

    ☑️ Is running crypto vertical offers worth it in 2021?
    Given that bitcoin (along with various other cryptocurrencies) is the fastest-growing asset on the market at the moment, and it has been drawing the attention of both big tech and big financial institutions for some time now, the answer is… Yes, it most definitely is!


    Also, here are a few big names that have quite seriously approached the subject of jumping onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon, too.
    ✔︎ Tesla
    ✔︎ Facebook
    ✔︎ Shopify
    ✔︎ Salesforce.com
    ✔︎ NVIDIA
    ✔︎ Visa
    ✔︎ Mastercard​

    If these guys think it’s worth the hassle, shouldn’t we all?

    How to choose crypto offers that convert?
    That’s why choosing the right offer is one of the most important steps for marketers who decide to focus on promoting the crypto vertical.

    1. First, affiliates need to understand the differences between various offers and what they’re actually selling.

    2. Next, they need to find a crypto affiliate program or network that fits the advertiser’s individual needs and goals, as well as provides offers that comply with the traffic sources policy guidelines.

    3. Advertisers also need to make sure to ask their affiliate network’s or program’s representatives about the offer funnel, payout models, or restrictions. These may be crucial to the success of one’s campaigns.

    To help you navigate through the various schemes, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular types of affiliate offers relating to the crypto niche.

    ⭐️ Get Rich Quick
    Such offers usually deal with cryptocurrency exchange or brokerage and capitalize on promising quick profits. In this case, affiliates often promote links to crypto-platforms in order to generate demand or get users to make a deposit. Be careful, though, and avoid making any false, aggressive, or unrealistic claims.

    ⭐️ Learn How To Get Rich Quick
    Crypto platforms often offer other crypto-related products, too. These often include crypto trading and analysis tools, training courses, educational materials, webinars, eBooks, etc. Such an angle seems like a safe type of crypto offers as long as your ads comply with the ad network rules and given GEOs regulations.

    ⭐️ Crypto software
    There’s a number of tools and applications meant to help people in the crypto-industry monitor and react quickly to the ever-changing trends. Or automize the work for them, thus making crypto-trader rich… quick.

    ⭐️ Crypto payments
    The retail businesses that accept cryptocurrency as payment methods may also be promoted within the crypto vertical. With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream financial system, the number of these online retail businesses will only increase in the future.

    ⭐️ Online gambling and casinos
    Similar to the first case, online gambling and casino businesses that deal with cryptocurrency would usually promise a chance of quick profit and an opportunity to capitalize on that… as well as the thrill of the gamble.

    ⭐️ Adult entertainment and dating sites
    It’s not news that some people would rather stay anonymous when purchasing or engaging with adult entertainment websites and products. And crypto-payments offer exactly that.

    ☑️ Where do crypto offers perform best? [TOP GEOs]
    When it comes to targeting GEOs where the crypto vertical is currently trending, remember to rely on up-to-date information only. This variable tends to fluctuate a lot, and what’s a top location this month, may not be the best in the next one.
    Still, we’re able to identify areas showing strong or stable performance for the crypto niche. Let’s have a look at the following regions and what works best for each.

    ⚑ Tier 1 countries
    Countries like the US, CA, AU, and some European countries, for example, UK, FR, IT, PT, and DE with NT are up for grabs when it comes to all niches included in crypto offers.

    ⚑ Tier 2 countries
    Countries usually assigned to the second tier, like SE, PT, PL, RU, GR, SG, JP, MY, ZA, HK are in the game, too.

    ⚑ Tier 3 countries
    Though it may seem odd for some people, well-experienced marketers know that targeting tier 3 countries may equal hitting the jackpot.

    Both the APAC region and the African countries of the EMEA sector are holding a big potential of becoming large and very attractive markets for the crypto vertical. Top GEOs from Tier 3 countries are: BR, CL, TH, KZ, MX, ID

    NOTE: In order to find out what GEOs perform best at a given time, always contact your affiliate networks and traffic sources for most up-to-date data.

    ☑️ Advanced optimization hacks for the crypto niche offers.
    The moment advertisers launch their campaigns is just the beginning, though. The hard part is still to come as now the key to success is to find the most profitable combination, and then keep it going for as long as possible. Here are a few advanced optimization hacks for your crypto vertical ad campaigns.
    • Launch broad campaigns first — choose RON targeting to get all traffic coming from a selected country. In this way, you’ll be able to identify top-performing sources for your campaigns.
    • Whitelists are great, but only if you know when and how to use them. Also, they work best if prepared for a specific campaign targeting options you need to identify first.
    • If you’re interested in several GEOs, launch separate campaigns.
    • Check what day-parting works best for your campaigns and adjust accordingly. But do not do that while testing! It’s recommended only for a much later phase and if much distinctive.
    • If you’re low on traffic volumes, try broader targeting.
    • Don’t forget to optimize your crypto campaigns per browser and OS versions. Be careful not to cut yourself from profitable traffic, just as with day-parting.
    • New campaigns usually need to buy traffic a bit faster to get the testing done. The more data you gather, the sooner you’re able to start scaling.
    • Then, play with your bids per given source. Keep adjusting and optimizing your top sources to fight market saturation.
    • If your CTRs are relatively high but you’re not buying enough traffic — bid up!
    • Always raise your bids over the average amount to win traffic.
    • If you’re spending too fast, but the CTR is satisfying, then lower your bid or increase the ad frequency.
    ☑️ Cryptocurrency offers marketing ideas. [EXAMPLES]
    After all the hassle of finding the right offer and planning your marketing strategy is done, there’s yet another thing to be remembered. The visual side of things.

    Affiliates often ask if pre-landing or customized landing pages are actually necessary, and the answer is no. But some people have been asking a slightly different question, they’ve been asking if using pre-landers or dedicated landing pages in their campaigns increases the conversion rates. The answer is yes.

    Using pre-landers and/or customized landing pages is not necessary but much-recommended practice to ensure that users who enter the offer page are actually motivated to leave their data.

    DO tips for well-converting landing pages:
    • Always add them to your campaign’s flow.
    • Use them to show or explain the offered product/service/benefits. Add an FAQ section!
    • Help a user convert — simply explain the steps to getting what your ads offer.
    • It’s a good moment to ensure users about the safety of engaging with your offer, especially with the crypto vertical.
    • Explain all the benefits, payment options, legal regulation, privacy issues — anything relevant to the crypto offer you’re making. Show users there’s nothing to fear.
    • Add credibility to your offer by including reviews, FAQs, testimonials, or charts with data!
    • Include all needed disclaimers and risk warnings.

    Tips for higher CTR
    When it comes to advertising ideas for crypto campaigns, the best tips are actually the universal ones for all push or native creatives. Also to be used with landing pages.
    • Numbers sell. Using numbers, stats, values, facts, data backing up your point.
    • Emojis tell stories. As often repeated with push ad creatives — don’t forget emojis!
    • Testimonials help. Information about people who scored/won, their success stories, or how much they’d made will always rise interest.
    • FOMO’s real. Tell your audience how much others made, how many people are in the game, and how much they can make if they dare.
    • Be authentic. Real images work better than cartoons but well-designed and professional-looking visuals work for landers, too. With push ads, simple icons work best.
    • Don’t use aggressive imagery. Too much money and too lavish a lifestyle don’t seem too credible. Don’t overdo it. Plus aggressive images tend to be against many platform’s policies.
    • Ladies first. Yes, images of women holding money or showing luxuries sell better than men doing the same things.
    • Dream a little. Luxurious lifestyle, car, money, clothes, good-looking men and women are sure to get anyone’s attention!
    • Give them a sneak peek. Preview what awaits users if they engage further (in terms of landers).
    • Show them the money. Let’s be honest, we’re all in it for money. If people don’t see it, your ad may go unnoticed.
    • Clock’s ticking. Create a sense of urgency and prompt users into taking action. Also, show them the action can be swift and convenient!
    • Challenge your audience. Show them you believe in their luck or skills and help them take the risk.

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