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Affiliate marketing advice, pls

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by redsy, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. redsy

    redsy Affiliate affiliate

    I am thinking about putting some affiliate marketing on my blog. Just read sticky which has give me a good overview.

    I guess with my site it will be banking, legal, insurance, property kind of ads which will be most relevant and hopefully best performing.

    I am completely new to this area and wondered which agent such as CJ might suit my needs best.

    Would it be best sticking to a uk based one?

    Silvertap seem that they have some good partners, tesco finance, barclays to name a few.Anyone any experience with them?

    Or does anyone know of any that deal with the companies in my niche??

  2. newbidder
  3. frogost

    frogost Affiliate affiliate

    Adsense is a good way too...
  4. PartyAnimal

    PartyAnimal Affiliate affiliate

    Here is what I would do........

    I would put Google adsense on your blog to begin with. I would use the tracking feature that Google Adsense has to track how much each ad earns each month.

    Then after a few months try swapping in one affilliate ad from somewhere else, and see if that earns you more without harming earnings from the other ads. The two big companies are CJ and Trade Doubler. Use ads relevant to where your traffic comes from - use UK ads for a UK property blog, for example.

    Finance can bring in good money but obviously ranking well for relevant keywords will be tough in this very competitive area.

    Never heard of Silvertap.
  5. ittechguru

    ittechguru Affiliate affiliate

    Same answer put adsense and bring visitors to your site and earn money.

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