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Affiliate Linking on Other people's sites?


hi im quite new to affiliate linking started less than a year ago, and i ran into trouble affiliate linking, every time i find a deal forum to affiliate link (they dont allow affiliate linking). What am i suppose to do whats a good way to find a site to affiliate link on?


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Brian, thanks for asking rather than making a post using your affiliate links.

We allow our members to have signatures and we allow affiliate links in the signatures. I'll have more to say about that later.

What you are asking about is how to get free advertising on forums. In many cases it is being very kind to call it advertising because the way it is done by so many it is spam. Most forums aren't interesting in being spammed.

There are many good ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Spam is not a good way. You will end up making people angry at you.

Most communities want people to be able to benefit from what is posted. They want to have good and reliable information posted. When a person is making a post simply to get his or her affiliate link in the post, that post can't be considered to be helpful to others. It is being made with the purposes of being beneficial to the poster.

If a community allows these type of posts the spammers will go wild and take over. The forum would become useless since it would be nothing more than a collection of spam. That is why forums don't want members placing their affiliate links in posts.

You can become a respected member of our 5 Star community by participating in our discussions. You can ask questions when you want and probably learn a lot more about affiliate marketing than you already know. You can answer questions when you are able to.

Your signature will be seen on every post that you make and as people get to know you they will gain more respect for you. Some might even be interested in your signature.

While you are entitled to a signature, you may not say or do anything to get people to notice your signature. It is there and people will see it. You can use the control panel for setting up your signature.

You are allowed a maximum of 5 lines in your signature. Space left between lines counts as lines. Within these 5 lines you are allowed a maximum of 3 links and those links can be affiliate links.

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I hope this answers your question and that you will use your 5 Star membership to improve your affiliate marketing knowledge.