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Mike_PM submitted a new resource:

Affiliate Circle - White-hat affiliate lead generation training

Affiliate Circle is a brand new, free resource for people who are looking to build a profitable and ethical ‘white hat’ affiliate marketing business, regardless of experience level.

The proven business model that we teach focuses on premium lead and call generation. As a member of Affiliate Circle, you get access to our free and extensive How-To Guides which will teach you how to build an affiliate business from scratch, step by step.

Our Premium membership offers additional benefits such...

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We are delighted to announce that we have awarded the first two free lifetime Affiliate Circle memberships.

There are now three spaces left!

· Are you an affiliate who is struggling to make serious money in this industry?
· Have you become disillusioned with the vast amount of ‘get rich quick’ schemes which plague the internet?
· Do you think that traditional affiliate marketing is dead and are looking for a new, exciting, lucrative niche to exploit?
· Are you frustrated with the increasing difficulty to sustain grey-hat and black-hat promotion methods?
· Are you sick of your 9-5 day job, and jealous of those who are making fortunes from affiliate marketing?
· Are you looking for financial freedom, the ability to work any hours you want to from any location?

We provide step-by-step training on how to start and run your own white-hat affiliate lead generation business. We provide all the resources you need to help you achieve financial freedom as fast & easily as possible, and offer support along the way regardless of your experience level.

Apply now to be in with a chance of receiving free lifetime Affiliate circle membership, worth £49/month.

Apply here: AffiliateFix exclusive | AffiliateCircle
We'd like to thank everyone who applied for a spot in our premium membership giveaway. Entries closed on Wednesday, and we have selected our winners. Congratulates to @Richard-nick.187023, @rpalmer92, @bitp, Stuart and Slava!

For those of you who didn't win or didn't get a chance to enter, have no fear. We offer free membership which provides all the resources you need to help you achieve success with white-hat lead generation as fast & easily as possible.

Ready to build your new white-hat affiliate lead generation business?

Join Affiliate Circle now


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