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Affiliate 2.0 HOT New Tricks!

Linda Buquet

Since I got a terrible bug for Christmas and am not feeling much like blogging, today I'm just going to link to TWO REALLY HOT NEW WEB 2.0 TRICKS for affiliate marketers.

I've been talking to the people at <a target="_new" href=""></a> and looked at their technology and the potential for affiliates to use it for marketing. In short, BubblePLY lets you layer text and links on top of video so affiliates could personalize and add marketing links to existing videos. Planned to blog about it this week, but Shawn already did, so I'll just link to his well done overview. <strong><a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Pop-Up Video</a></strong>

THIS ONE'S HOT! I looked at 43 Things as a marketing tool a long time ago, but had not been there lately. NOTE: They don't prohibit affiliate links per se YET - so don't abuse it, but some well targeted links back to articles on your site that contain affiliate links may be a great strategy to get PR back links to your site AND some possible sales.

<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">How to Use 43 Things for Backlinks & Affiliate Commissions</a></strong> from the Smartzville Blog.

"I?ve just outlined the simplest of strategies you can employ with
There are more, many more?

* CONSIDER higher traffic and ranked pages - over 11,000 real people on 43things want to write a book. It?s on a PR6 page.
* CONSIDER people who need help - 2,485 insomniacs are looking for ways to get more sleep on a PR5 page.
* CONSIDER markets related to your own sites - 11,176 people want to fall in love on a PR6 page. Can you help these people with a product or link to a service? You?ll find them (plus all the others who visit this page but who don?t write or register, at

If you see the value of this through my simple secret then you?re all set to start making sales, commissions or getting great backlinks right away."</blockquote>
Go read the rest, it's worth your time to really take a look at this strategy, then carry it over to other 2.0 social sites.

Oregon Coast Guy

Yet Another Great Marketing Tool

I've discovered BubblePLY. With BubblyPLY, you can import your videos from Google, YouTube and others and then add text and links to those videos. Say you have a video that you want to use to market a particular affiliate program. Import the video, add the bubbles you want, embed your affiliate link and link to it or embed the finished video on your web site or blog.

This is really a great tool that has a ton of marketing potential. You can find it at Watch the demo so you know what you're doing the first time you create. Have fun and I hope it generates a great deal of income for you.